December 2, 2012

Celebrating Dana's Birthday!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • So last night I went to turn the kids tree off and make sure that everyone was covered.  Anderson's foot was sticking through his bunk bed rails.  I shoved his little leg back in his bed and he started talking to me.  I said "what?" and he sat straight up staring at me but not really looking awake at all.  He said back "what?"  After a good chuckle by me, I tucked him back in and headed downstairs.
  • We never set an alarm since we have 5 other alarms sleeping in the house.  But this Sunday morning, we probably should have.  Campbell called us at 8:07.  I quickly jumped in the shower and Robby went to wake up the others and start getting everyone dressed.
  • After Graham was ready, he was playing in the floor with his cars.  I guess the knees in his pants were pretty thin and he tore a hole in his pants.  I was scurrying around but told him I would find him more pants but was having pants problems of my own-after trying on 4 pairs of black pants, I finally had to resort to maternity pants-yuck!  
  • Since we were running a bit late, Robby jogged into McDonalds to beat a bus full of people and ordered the kids pancakes.  He was in their forever!  But finally came out with pancakes for the kids. They gobbled their breakfast up while we backed into our parking spot at church.  
  • Strange thing but everyone that we knew seemed to drive past us at church, waved and smiled (or chuckled) as they passed.  Almost like they were laughing at our ride!  That certainly couldn't be so.  
  • Church was fine and the kids all did good-my personal children were good, not so much for the kids in Sunday school.  But since I don't have to take them home, it didn't affect our day.  After church we had Dana's birthday lunch at Grannymom's house.   
  • While we were eating, Dana asked Campbell how old she was.  Campbell looked at her with a straight face and said "six."  Then Campbell added "no, I am just kidding.  I am two."  That little turkey is something else!  
  • The kids were pretty wild during lunch and then perfectly happy playing outside.  Then we got in the car....and things went downhill!  By the time we made it home, Reagan was told that she would take a nap.  Reagan wasn't too pleased about this and was fussing some.  Campbell finally said "I don't like your fussing Reagan."  
  • Then Anderson briefly said "no" when he was asked to pick up some shoes so he was sent to his bed.  Then Campbell also refused to pick up the shoes so to bed she went.  Finally, I asked Graham and he delightfully said "yes ma'am."
  • So this left Graham as the only one who was awake this afternoon.  Poor guy, hardly knew what to do with himself-he did watch a movie, come try to wake me up (oh, I am not the only napper around here-Robby was conked out in Graham's bed) and then he played contently in the toy room until time to wake up.  
  • We made it to choir a few minutes late, then big church.  Before big church, someone had given the kids a candy cane.  We told them that they could eat their candy cane after church so they ran out the doors as soon as church was over.  Since Campbell didn't have one, I told them to eat them fast while I went to pick her up.  Anderson shouted back at me as I walked away "I don't bite, I suck!"  
  • At home, we pulled our Santa and put a light on our Snoopy.  Actually, we did two since we didn't do ours yesterday.  The kids were so excited to start this.  And after that, we sent everyone to bed and had ourselves supper!
  • I forgot to write this the other night, Campbell was playing duck, duck, goose with the others.  And every time one of the boys touched her head she would shout "don't mess up my hair."  Truly think that she is not our child!