December 7, 2012

(click here for today's pictures)
  • As I was taking a shower this morning, I asked Campbell if she wanted to go to the playground after we finished school.  She couldn't wait to tell the others-of course they initially thought she was telling a story.  So after a bit of convincing by Campbell, I had 4 kids who were ready to put on clothes and start school.  (Well, kind of anyway)
  • We had breakfast and then all headed to the school room.  Now that Graham is interested in doing his "Kindergarten" I have to constantly help him along with guiding Reagan and Anderson.  It makes things even busier during school.  They were giving me a hard time about having to do school today and I explained that most other children had alr.eady been at school for at least an hour and would stay well in to the afternoon.  So the first thing they asked when we loaded back up after the playground was if other kids were still in school and indeed they were.
  • After school, I had everyone help straighten the house for a few minutes.  Everything but the toy room at least looked decent (not clean-just picked up).  I am not easily overwhelmed but coming home to a messy house usually just puts me over the edge.  I then threw a few things in our bag for lunch-including my pre-made frozen pb and j sandwiches.  I use a whole loaf of bread when I make two sets of frozen sandwiches and probably should use two loafs at a time when I do this-they are so easy to grab for a lunch or supper on the run.
  • We loaded up and headed to Fellowship to play on the playground.  Anderson was the first out of the van and I pointed the way into the gate.  They couldn't find their way in for a bit and some started running back to me.  Then I heard Anderson screaming "I'm in, I'm in."  
  • Our group was the only ones there and all 16 of them had a blast.  Anderson enjoyed playing with Reagan, Alyssa Kate and Noah.  Graham hung with that group for the most part.  Campbell was just happy doing anything and everything she could find to do.  And Keaton walked, crawled, climbed and   played with every toy up there and even tried her best to climb to the top of the slides.  She did make her way to the top of the little kid slide-a curly one.  Graham gave her a good push and she would have done flips down the slide if I hadn't been there to catch her.
  • We had lunch and then played some more.  Around 1:30 we took our group picture and then all started loading up to head home.  By the time we made it home, Keaton was sound asleep-she didn't sleep too well though this afternoon.  She probably would have if I wouldn't have forgotten to take her shoes off.  
  • The other kids had a snack and then Campbell took her nap.  My big 3 watched a movie while I worked on tomorrow's party.  Soon Robby was home and we did our Santa early.  Next up was watching the lighted tree at the Promenade.  The lights on the tree blinked along with music.  The kid all enjoyed watching this-some sang along and some even danced.  
  • Next up was supper at Mooyahs.  It was our first time to go there and it was really good.  The favorites were the shakes by far.  The kids were all perfect while we were eating-just colored and colored away.  
  • Now speaking of perfect-in the car, Keaton is not perfect!  If I am driving, she is fine but when Robby is driving and she can see me, she screams until I give her something to drink.  That is fine but I usually only pack one cup for her and when it is gone, we have to get creative!  So if you see us driving around tomorrow, I guess I will be the one driving!