December 4, 2012

Learning our Advent Verses!
(click here for today's pictures)

  • Graham was the first one up this morning.  He joined us in bed for a few minutes before it was time for him to get ready for school.  He was excited about Grannymom coming to pick him up and then Robby asked him if he really just wanted him to come pick him up instead of Grannymom.  Graham immediately said no and then after thinking for a bit, he said "okay."  I reminded him that he would have to spend all day at school waiting on Robby to finish work and then he quickly changed his mind that Grannymom would be a better choice.  Silly thing!
  • Robby and Graham left and then I started my laundry reducing plan-everyone stay in their pajamas.  Well, of course I have to have one hold out-Campbell.  She insisted that she put on her clothes.  That was fine since she put on her big girl panties.  She kept them dry until supper so that was pretty good.
  • We did our school, read a few books, did a few chores and then completely cleaned the toy room.  We put away a few toys for later, threw out a bag full of broken stuff, I snuck out a few garage sale toys and then we finished....and no, you can't tell no difference.  It is still packed full-who knows what we will do with any new toys that we get for the two birthdays coming up and Christmas.
  • Next up it was lunch and we did a bit more reading.  Then Keaton and I worked on laundry-she likes it when I throw it all on top of her!  Campbell enjoys helping me with this task.  Before long, it was rest time for the little girls.  Anderson colored some and Reagan wrote and wrote in her notebook.
  • Later, she showed me all of the songs that she had been working on.  That child then put on a performance for me and Anderson-singing us 6 songs that she had made up that all sounded different than the last.  Pretty impressive-but also headache provoking.  Singing, singing, singing all day long.
  • I worked on a picture album during the rest of nap.  After nap, the girls knocked Campbell's house into the tree (no real damage) so the house was promptly moved upstairs to the bonus room.  Then we really just started waiting around for Robby and Graham.  
  • It seemed like it took forever for them to arrive.  When they did, Reagan was starving and was about to drive me crazy begging for food.  We all ate, did our Christmas stuff and then all the kids had showers.  Keaton caused Anderson to bolt out of the shower when she did a bit of bathroom business in the shower.  I think all of the commotion scared Keaton because she was pretty subdued for the rest of the evening.  She must have thought that she was in trouble.  
  • We all then went to the bonus room-Graham and Campbell worked on coloring Campbell's house.  Then the big 3 played Go Fish while Campbell and Robby played another game.  Keaton sat with me and played with her matching cookies.  It was a pretty pleasant evening....
  • Then we put them in bed and everyone was pretty wound up.  After I went up to calm them down, Robby went up another time.  About 30 minutes later, we heard Campbell screaming.  I went up and she was sobbing "But I in trouble, I still in trouble."  I tried to calm her and tell her that she wasn't in trouble anymore.  But she would reply "No, I in big trouble.  I keep talking."  Drama, drama-she has taken the drama from Reagan.  I could hardly calm her down because I was giggling so hard at her.