December 16, 2012

Ice Cream Truck Returns!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham was the first one up followed by Anderson.  They both joined me in bed while Robby went to get Campbell out of her bed.  After a bit, Campbell came downstairs to lay by me and Graham went upstairs to lay back in his bed with Robby.
  • Everyone had doughnuts before getting ready for church.  When Anderson came down the stairs, he saw Keaton and went on and on about her dress.  He even called Campbell down to come and see Keaton.  And I do believe that Keaton thought she was something else too because she was grinning ear to ear at all of the attention.
  • Graham was showing out a bit during Sunday school this morning, not bad enough to get into trouble.  Actually, I thought he was cute-just bad enough to be cute.  We did write numbers on cards and he did really well writing the numbers.  I was very surprised. 
  • All of this talk about Anderson being Jon Skelley must be somewhat accurate.  Today when we were singing in big church, Anderson was singing his little heart out.  "Go tell it on the mountain!"  The child knew every word and sang his heart out.  Robby didn't know whether to shush him or sing along-but we couldn't do either, we were too busy giggling at him.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  The kids were fairly calm and the boys even went home with Cash for the afternoon.  Oh yes, the whole Dennie clan is feeling much better today.  Those of us at home did have a restful afternoon.
  • Keaton had a nap while Reagan, Campbell, Robby and I finished the Smurf movie.  We were a bit surprised that Campbell never went to sleep-Robby and I did.  Reagan then even started watching the movie again while playing games on Robby's ipad.  I think she relished being in charge-though she usually is!  Soon though it was time to meet the boys at church for the choir presentation.
  • Before it started, Campbell enjoyed watching the handbells.  Then everyone did really well in church-Graham falling asleep during the first song.  Campbell lasted until the middle when she fell asleep.  A few minutes after she fell asleep she started coughing-enough so that I thought I was going to need to use her shirt to catch...well, anyway.  Robby quickly ushered her out and she was fine after a drink of water.
  • Graham woke up during church and his only concern was if we were having ice cream truck.  He thought we only had it when they had choir and he knew he didn't have choir tonight.  So he was about to be upset-he calmed as I explained that any Sunday night we will have ice cream truck.  
  • At home, Anderson was the only one that I could convince to have a hot dog-the others had eaten a bit before church.  Keaton did have some grapes until she saw Robby passing out popsicles and she made it known that is what she wanted.  So I just handed her one and she devoured every bit of it-and possibly even the stick...unless someone else took it away from her.