December 6, 2012

Keaton's excited about the new Hogs' coach!
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  • The boys pulled Campbell out of her bed this morning and they all came bouncing down the stairs to climb into bed with us.  Anderson kept complaining that he was squished.  I tried explain that he was free to go back to his bed but I think he liked being squished with all of us.
  • Robby took Graham to school while I dropped off Keaton and Campbell at Grannymom's house.  Reagan had been spending the night with Kennedy.  I then took Anderson to shop for Graham.
  • The kids have all drawn names for each other and Anderson had drawn Graham's name.  We walked up and down and up and down every aisle of the boy section at Target.  I would get a few steps ahead of him and say "hey, look at this." And he would quickly tell me that he wasn't there yet.  He took his sweet time but finally found a great gift for Graham.
  • Oh and as he was looking at a gift that he has mentioned and mentioned (and that is already in the attic awaiting Christmas morning), he said "I know, I know, it cost too much.  It's okay."  If he would have just looked at the price hanging above it, he would have seen the price was only 14.  I dropped him back off at Grannymom's house and Anderson spent his morning working on his reading and wrapping Graham's present.
  • I then ran one errand, went to see my work kid who wasn't there, so I then went to Walmart and then on to my doctor's office.  My appointment went well-the baby's heartbeat was 135.  Then I waited around awhile for them to do my glucose test.  Afterwards, I did a bit of speed grocery shopping.  
  • Next up was picking up Keaton, Campbell and Anderson.  Then a drive to pick up Reagan and along the way we saw a few reindeer.  Campbell has taken to calling reindeer as "rainbow deer."  Then we picked up Graham who had spent the afternoon at Nonna's house.  
  • At home, the kids spent most of their afternoon playing while I unloaded the car and started making a few things for Anderson's birthday.  And yes, we skipped school today (don't worry, we will make it up tomorrow).  Then it was supper time.  
  • At supper we started talking about how big our family is.  And Robby told the kids that there is one family in Arkansas that has 19 kids.  They were so intrigued so Robby turned on the Duggars for the kids to watch.  They were at Silver Dollar City during the show so the kids really enjoyed watching.  Afterwards, it was bedtime for all!