April 9. 2013

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Sneaking off to the park...

  • Hard to imagine that little Whitman wasn't even born this time last week.  I already feel really good and he is already getting into a groove and fitting into this family.  Anderson loves kissing on him and Campbell will ask each time that we get in the car if we have Whitman with us (most of the time though we are already well on the way before she remembers-which wouldn't really help us any.)  
  • Last night he ate right before midnight (yes, we are back to staying up late) and then he ate again at 4:30.  Actually it was 4:33 when I climbed out of bed.  Robby looked at the clock and remembered that I had given him all feedings after 4:30 and tried to tell me that our clock was 5 minutes fast!  Ha!  I don't mind waking once a night so hopefully he can repeat that tonight.  Though I will have to stay up  a few more hours until midnight to feed him-if I can make it.
  • The kids all woke up in time to go with Robby to drop Graham off at school.  They dropped him off and then all stayed to watch their opening-they sing a few songs, say the pledge and a prayer before the day starts.  Then the plan was for Robby and the kids to go to Sonic (yes, it is getting quite a bit of Dennie business lately), gas station and post office. 
  • But Robby is trying to get the Dad of the Year award so he took everyone to the park.  They were gone for a long, long time.  Swings, slides, the merry go round and even a walk on the trail.  Keaton held her own and got around well on the playground, Campbell loved the walk on the trail, Reagan enjoyed making a flower chain and Anderson loved pushing the merry go round.
  • Meanwhile, back at home I finished my chores, stared at Whitman, did some of tomorrow's chores, started at Whitman some more and then ran out of stuff to do.  I was getting a bit lonely when the others arrived right before 12.  Poor Anderson's allergies started acting up and his little eyes were crazy red by the time they made it home.  We doctored them up and he quickly improved.  
  • We had lunch and Keaton saw me in the kitchen working and she went and retrieved the poptarts thinking we were going to have breakfast.  She was not happy when I took them away from her but calmed when I did put more food on her tray.  She was starving and Campbell was exhausted.  I think that Campbell could have fallen asleep during lunch.  
  • They played on the ipad some and then started watching a movie.  Nonna and Pops came to see everyone and the kids were happy to see them.  Nonna brought muffins and Anderson said "we can't eat them tonight, we are going to get a Happy Meal."  When Pops and Nonna left, the kids went back to their movie and soon it was time to load up for our big night.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa had picked up Graham from school.  I don't think we told him that they were coming so he was afraid that he was going to miss the Happy Meal trip to "Donald Duckys" (what Campbell called McDonalds earlier today).  So he convinced them to take him to get lunch-he was pretty pleased that he was getting to go 2 times in one day.  He also earned a whole dollar for working in the yard.  That child is going to be the first one to get his kindle.  
  • We picked up Graham and then went to McDonalds.  We were pleasantly surprised that there were not really many people there.  The kids were tickled-each getting fries, apples, nuggets and a drink.  No one decided on chocolate milk which we were very surprised about.  And another surprising thing was that Keaton ate practically her entire meal-more than Graham or Campbell ate.    
  • They played and played-Anderson mostly on the video game console and Keaton just at the bottom.  But they were all happy-so happy in fact that we stayed there for an hour and a half.  Once we made it home, it was quick showers.  So quick in fact that our shower head broke-thankfully Robby was the one that it broke with so no child got in trouble!  But our showers weren't quick enough-Keaton had time to do her business in the shower causing quite a commotion with Anderson who was in there with her. 
  • We read a book before bed and then it was lights out for the Dennie crew-well, just 5/6th of them.  The other 1/6th is staying awake to eat some more before bed!