April 16, 2013

Coach Pruitt and Ms. Lynda
come for a visit to see
 the family & our house!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The night started off fairly rocky with Campbell on the monitor fussing.  Robby quickly shushed her and seconds later Reagan was in our room.  She non-chalantly said "I spit up in the bathroom and have my pajamas."  Usually Robby and I take forever to stir but we moved pretty fast when we heard those words.  We got her in the shower, Robby made her a pallet for our room and I went up for clean up duty.  (Actually not too bad, poor thing made it really close to the potty).  
  • Anyway, Reagan is our best and worst sick kid-best because she takes it all in stride and doesn't get upset and was pretty chatty all night.  But also our worst because when she gets a bug, she really gets it.  
  • Robby fed Whitman sometime during the night and then headed off to the bonus room.  We actually all felt fairly rested when the others joined our room-not rested enough to jump out of bed though.  I had grand (and unreasonable) plans to wake up early this morning, exercise, get ready and pick up for a few minutes before the kids stirred.  Obviously, that didn't happen at all.  Maybe soon I can get there-would make the day run so much smoother.
  • Robby did get up fairly early and take Graham to Walmart to pick up a few things before taking him to school.  They were gone at the crack of dawn and Graham loved the whole adventure.  He played on the ipad in the van on the way and then picked out some doughnuts for him to eat for breakfast.  
  • Meanwhile around here I tried to get Reagan to sleep and worked on some of Anderson's school work with him.  This was also to be our get back to school week after our 2 week baby break.  Anderson did his easy work (8 boxes) but wasn't about to do his hard stuff (phonics and math) since Reagan was having an off day.  I tried to explain that he didn't want to have to make it up later like she would but he didn't care much about that.  
  • My pitiful Reagan would probably have tried to do some work if I would have asked her but I was busy fighting with Keaton.  That child has learned to push  my buttons-she just screams whenever she doesn't get her way.  So I put her in her bed and close the door which works great except for when we are trying to do school in there.  When she gets a few more words, I hope that her screaming will decrease since she can talk some more.  
  • I picked up the house while Robby worked-this was his first day back to work.  He is working from home this week so he was hidden for most of the morning.  He did work most of his off days as well but was a bit more lax about it all.  I think we all will be glad to get back on a schedule-let's see, when do you get on a schedule with a new baby...4 or 5 months from now?
  • The Pruitts came over for lunch today.  We had worked hard and had sandwiches, pasta salad and soup for lunch.  It was all delicious to me and Ms. Lynda even brought a chocolate cake which we pretty much devoured for lunch.  And she brought supper for us as well.  They were impressed with the house and the yard.  We were all impressed with the kids-they just set in the kitchen and listened to the grown ups talk and talk.  
  • Campbell had been a bit mopey and after our company left, I felt her forehead and indeed she had fever.  So I doped her up and she perked up fairly fast.  I then put Keaton to bed, laid the baby down, turned on the movie and cuddled on the couch with Campbell.  Yes, even foregoing my list of chores to accomplish today-we might just play our baby break out a week longer around here.  I wish I was one of those people that could just call it a school year and start our summer break early-I have finished what has to be done already-but alas I am not and will follow my schedule (still finishing the second or possibly third week in May)
  • Anyway, my nap with Campbell wasn't all that great-lots of children running around.  Speaking of that-Robby was in the yard this evening and a teenage girl was walking down our driveway (country folks have no boundaries) and he over heard her talking with someone-presumably her mom.  "Where are you?" "We are over here by the day care."  Robby did a double take when he heard "day care."  Apparently the neighbors think we are running a day care-I guess we do have lots of play equipment outside, a big house and even that day care like van.  Call it what you want, but I do love my day care!
  • After naps, we worked in the yard for a teeny bit picking up sticks.  Robby and I are becoming a bit concerned about Anderson's work ethic-or lack of work ethic.  One thing we don't want is for the boy to be lazy.  So that will be something we will address in the coming days-hopefully, you can pick up a work ethic and it is not just something that you are born with or without.
  • We had a trailer ride after our yard work-I even went along mainly to hold on to Keaton who wasn't at all pleased with the ride.  While in the ride, Graham told me that he thought that I needed new pants because I was growing out of the ones that I had one.  Indeed, I probably had not pulled them out adequately.  Reagan almost fell asleep on the ride-she would perk up and then hit a low all day long.
  • Next up was supper and baths or showers for the kids-they were allowed to pick.  The boys picked baths and were pretty pruny by the time we got them out since Robby, Keaton, Campbell, Reagan and Whitman all had showers in the meantime.  
  • Then it was supper and we put everyone to bed.  No telling what this night will hold, so I have made another pallet on the floor (hopefully to ward off anyone needing it) and we are already in our bedroom getting ready for bed-better sleep while we can!