April 25, 2013

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Checking in on brother...

  • This is the second morning lately that we have woken up near 7 and Whitman is not the only person in the room with us.  Graham is in there too-just sitting right beside Whitman's bouncy seat.  Kind of sweet, isn't it?  Unfortunately, no telling when the boy gets up and starts sitting there.  One morning he was on one side of Whitman and Campbell was sitting on the other.  
  • Graham had school and Robby loaded up along with Campbell and Keaton to take him.  On Thursdays when Robby works from home, he has been taking Campbell with him to drop off Graham.  Of course this helps the schooling going on at home tremendously.  But today he decided to take Keaton as well-she is now considered a big girl.
  • School went fairly smoothly and we were finished around 11.  Keaton wasn't too happy about me not letting her have more drink and she had herself a little fit.  Robby said at one point today that her fits were "cute" now-hmm, not much cute about them.  Actually, I would agree except when they happen during school.  She is pretty dramatic-like she will drop to the floor and lay her head down and sob.  
  • A bit after 11, Keaton, Campbell and I were outside working in the yard.  Soon Anderson came out and about the time that I was going in to make lunch, Reagan came out.  I made the kids lunch and they ate on the driveway.  I am not real sure why we didn't use the picnic table then (Robby was mowing near it tonight when we had supper outside so they again ate on the driveway.  But this time they used an old tire as their table).
  • After lunch, the kids continued playing outside until bedtime.  I believe the highlights included finding a bug and trapping it with the rack, finding caterpillars, swinging, playing soccer, playing in the dirt, playing baseball and a bit of basketball.  After Robby and I had finished one section of the yard that we wanted to get done (by the road), Robby went to mowing and I am not really sure what I accomplished.  I did get a few things done inside and put together the second soccer goal.  That only leaves the ditch and the lower yard to accomplish.  
  • Soon Nonna and Pops were bringing Graham home from school.  They also brought the tire that was my tire swing when I was little (if only I knew someone that could hang a swing).  The first thing my bright kiddos did with this tire was to roll it all the way down the hill-then they had to roll it all the way up.  They stayed for awhile and refereed our baseball game, fed Whitman, held Keaton, played keep away and observed Robby's mowing skills.  
  • At one point, Robby passed out popsicles.  He knew that 3 neighbor kids were over here so he had plenty.  And what did those kids do-tell their friends who came running.  They then grabbed their popsicles and went back to their yards.  Country craziness-no boundaries.  
  • Anderson did get stung (maybe) by something.  He said it was a wasp but then said he never saw it and didn't know how something got into his shirt.  Graham was also right next to him thinking he was stung equally as bad.  I quickly gave Anderson some benedryl but only saw a tiny bite so I assume it wasn't a bee/wasp or something stingy like that.  He never made mention of it again so I forgot about checking after showers.  
  • Soon I went inside to make supper and brought it outside.  The kids ate their food huddled around the tire and then played soccer with Robby until 7.  Then it was quick showers, ipad time and then we picked up the toy room.  Big day tomorrow-Field day!