April 18, 2013

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Guess who had Zebra day at school!

  • Yesterday, Campbell and I were looking at a jewelry magazine and there was a cross necklace.  She said "a cross that Jesus died on."  I asked if Jesus was still on the cross and she said no.  I then asked where Jesus was and she said that he was in heaven.  I added that Jesus was going to come back for us someday and take us to heaven with him.  Campbell asked "are you going to take bottles for Whitman?"  I was a bit confused and said "maybe, but we will have everything we need in heaven."  Then she asked "chips? Will there be chips in heaven? We need to take some chips?"
  • Despite Robby's snoring, Campbell's moaning and Whitman's grunting, I slept fairly well last night.  And I was incredible glad that everyone else slept well and no one came down with anything over the night.  Campbell did join us in bed sometime during the night and at 6, Graham tried to join us so Robby headed upstairs.  
  • Sometime this morning Graham had been up and quickly came to me saying "you have to get up now! there is an animal in the laundry room-it is like a lizard but not a bug."  Let's just say that at this time I was not pleased with Robby for not being in bed.  Was it a mouse? a bat? or worse?  Thankfully, when I made it to the laundry room I found the "animal"-a water bug.  I could handle that.
  • I was getting ready to take Graham to school when Robby came down.  He was feeling better-well enough to go to Sonic.  It was "zebra day" at school and Graham was so proud of his zebra shirt.  Anderson wore it last year and we had painted it ourselves.  I had made sure that Graham helped when we were painting it so it could be "his" shirt too.  Robby said that he was the best looking one there.
  • At home, we started on school.  Anderson knocked out his math from the last few days and and was able to finish in a decent amount of time.  But poor Reagan took forever to do her math.  And in her defense she was adding up 5 3-digit numbers (981+242+120+543+109).  I tried to check them myself but eventually had to just pull out the math book and use the answers in the back.  She did finally finish her math but that left all of her phonics to do.  I convinced her to do some while she was waiting on me to make lunch but she will be able to catch up tomorrow.
  • My Keaton is so funny lately-she will just grin at the camera and close her eyes as she smiles.  And she will also come running to me smacking her lips (her word for milk) whenever Whitman starts crying.  And speaking of Whitman-the child has slept all day long and I do not know if he will sleep at all tonight!
  • At some point during the afternoon, Robby was making Whitman a bottle in our bedroom and Campbell was observing.  She quickly told him that he was doing it wrong and told him where he was supposed to put the water first.  Funny thing (but she was right!)
  • Pops brought Graham home in the rain.  Graham was glad to be home and was ready to play on the ipad.  He did play upstairs with Reagan and Anderson for a bit.  Graham did miss the hour that the others played with playdoh this afternoon.  Seriously, they played so long that they forgot about watching a movie-that never happens around here. 
  • Another thing that has happened the last few days (reminder that I have been wiping quite a few bottoms around here lately)-I kept hearing someone clap over and over again.  Finally I went in search of it-clap, clap. And it continued and continued until I found Graham sitting on the potty in the dark.  All of our bathroom lights are motion activated so when a small child (or grown woman) sits on the potty for a bit the lights will go off.  My Graham must have thought that the light was a "clapper" because he was just sitting there clapping away.  Need to teach him to wave his arms.
  • We had roast and potatoes for supper and then watched a movie in the bonus room.  During the middle of the movie as questions were flying everywhere about what was happening in the movie, Anderson had one of his own "Dessert? We forgot dessert. When are we going to have dessert?"
  • Infirmary report: I think everyone is feeling pretty good.  Campbell is still having tummy troubles and had fever once today.  Robby is improving and is now among the living.  Hopefully the bug has moved on to another house and we are in the clear!