April 22, 2013

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Graham's Class Takes Over the Zoo!

  • So since we had to move fairly quickly this morning, we slept late.  Not ideal but that is how things seem to work out around here.  At least we all did have to leave a bit later than usual.  I took Graham and Campbell to the zoo to meet Graham's class and Robby took Reagan and Anderson to school and then stayed home with Keaton and Whitman.  
  • We were one of the first ones at the zoo-I probably should have spent that extra time at home double checking to make sure that I had packed the kids snack in my ice chest and not just my coke.  It was fine since some other mother's fed my starving kids (actually they weren't too hungry but who would pass up food).  
  • Graham found a caterpillar somewhere along our route and held on to it carefully (only letting Grant hold it while he fed the fish).  I tried to get him to put that caterpillar down at many different places but Graham decided that we should take it to the butterfly garden.  So we had to leave the group when walking nearby to run to that butterfly garden to drop off the caterpillar.  Graham had carried it for so long that I was afraid he wasn't going to be able to leave it but he did and then we raced to catch up with his class.
  • After Ms. Stacy left the zoo, we were free to do whatever and since I had passes for the carousel and train, I told the kids we would do those.  And as we were standing in line, I noticed something about my passes-they expired in 2012.  Man, I always have trouble remembering what year it is!  I had already told the kids and since we were in line, I decided that we would try to use our passes and I was prepared to play dumb.  I had even asked a dad nearby if I could borrow some cash if I needed to quickly buy some tokens.  Anyway, the kids put the passes in the cup and walked right on.  Then the conductor motioned for us to get on and said that he was being generous letting me and the other dad ride.  We thanked him and rode along-Campbell was so relieved to see me on that train.  She was a bit scared of riding it but once she sat down I think she was fine.
  • Now on to the carousel with my expired passes.  I thought that it worked with the train so I might as well try it with the carousel.  I only had 2 passes and was going to ask if I could get the kids on the horses and then not ride myself.  Anyway, when we walked up the kids handed the man the passes and he said I would need to ride as well.  I said okay that I would go and buy a token for me and reached to take my passes back.  He then said it was fine and said I could go on.  So the zoo folks get a gold star today.
  • On our way home, I picked up lunch and a drink for Campbell and Graham.  As we were driving, I told Graham that it was the time that he usually got out of school.  He said "really? But my legs don't get tired at school but they were tired today."  Keaton was pretty glad to see us but Robby might have been even more happy to see us.  
  • We worked in the house for a bit and then went outside to rake.  I only had an hour before I had to leave and we were able to get some raking done.  The ant pile slowed us down, as well as the imaginary ant bite that I received (I say imaginary because there was no ant and no bite but my foot stung like you wouldn't believe).  And of course the little snake slowed us to a stop.  Robby left me to watch the snake while he mosied to the shed to get the shovel.  After walking through the reptile house at the zoo and seeing a snack right under my rake, I probably won't sleep tonight.  After we finished with the snake, Whitman was mad so we ended up quitting early.  I told Robby that I should make it my goal to have a tarp full of leaves ready each day for him to help me take to the burn pile when he gets home.  
  • Campbell and I went to pick up Reagan and Anderson.  This was their last day of Comm Central-next week is a presentation.  Can't beleive that I will have a second grader and first grader next year along with a kindergartner.  My silly boy did leave his lunch box at school on the very last day-at least it was the last day.  
  • We celebrated the last day with Sonic drinks and after receiving my hospital bill, we are putting our sonic drinks on hold!  Gracious, babies are expensive.  Reagan cost us 250 dollars and Whitman will cost us almost 10 times that!  But since he is worth it, I sure am not complaining at all.
  • At home this afternoon, we cut all of the boys hair (except the babys)  Then they had showers and everyone put on their soccer uniforms.  Tonight was picture day at soccer so most of practice was spent taking pictures.  I unfortunately didn't end up with any pictures of Reagan and only 1 of Anderson.  It is tough getting pictures of 6 different kids each and every day.  
  • The kids did good in practice-again the boys did better practicing with the girls and were on fire during their practice time.  And maybe Reagan isn't so much the soccer player-she just hangs in the back of the crowd and seems to care little about scoring.  A bit frustrating since she was so good last year but really, we should we expect any of our children to be athletic-Robby and I are their parents!
  • We rushed home after practice and the kids had a quick shower before bed.  They were all pretty tired tonight as were we.