April 24, 2013

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Visiting Beebee and Pawpaw

  • Things would just go so smoothly around here if I would wake at the crack of dawn.  But that really isn't any fun.  I was still in bed at 8 this morning-but in my defense...well, I don't have a defense.  Actually, not a whole lot was happening at 8 and Whitman had been up for over an hour in the middle of the night.
  • I did quickly get moving while Graham was laying in my floor fussing that Robby had said no ipad this morning.  He finally calmed down and soon we had started school and were eating breakfast.  School went better and a bit quicker this morning (odd because Graham was home adding one more person to the mix)  We even had time to empty the trash cans before lunch.
  • We had lunch and even read a bit of science.  Then the kids all headed upstairs and worked very hard on making a zoo with lincoln logs and lots of animals.  The big 4 were all playing so well-that is until Keaton and her stroller strolled over the zoo.  This led to screams from everyone-they were screaming at her to move, screaming at me to come and get her, she was screaming at them and I was screaming at everyone.  Actually, I wasn't screaming because I found all of this a tad bit funny-probably a bit too funny.  
  • Then Keaton had her nap while the others put on their clothes and watched a movie.  Campbell did help me by holding Whitman-she even fed him.  She probably just fed him air from his bottle but it was still a win-win for me because Whitman was happy and Campbell was quiet and happy.
  • Before too long, it was time to load up and head to see Beebee and Papaw.  This was the kids first time to go to this place to see them and it was quite an eye opener for them.  Seriously, those kids little eyes were wide open while we walked down the hallway.  
  • Everything was going well and Beebee was in a good mood-that is until my sweet Reagan asked "so Beebee, which place do you like better?"  I was glad Pops was there to reign Beebee in on her answer.  I tried to explain that the lack of carpet was probably to blame.  Ha!  The kids were good and everyone hugged Beebee and they talked to Papaw after I shook him awake.
  • We then loaded up and I wrote Robby about our supper plans.  I said that we might go to Target to pick up a drink for supper and as soon as I walked into the doors to Target, I glance at my phone.  Robby had written back and said that he had a drink and I probably could skip Target.  Seriously, I had just unloaded 6 kids and walked across the parking lot to buy a 2 liter and now I didn't have to.  But we did make our trip worthwhile and bought a snack for supper.
  • Then we picked up pizzas for supper-2 pizzas cost us less than a trip to McDonalds-so we ate at church.  Then the kids had a few minutes to play the games before Awana.  This was the last official night of Awana.  Pretty proud of the kiddos-Reagan and Anderson finished their books and extra credit books and Graham also finished his book.  My plan is to figure out how many Bible verses they have memorized this year-maybe another night.
  • Once at home, the kids had a bit of a snack and then headed to bed-all but Whitman.  The boy is perfect during the day but wide awake and a bit needy during the evening.  But I will take that as long as he is a good sleeper and only wakes up once.