April 19, 2013

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Wide-eyed today!

  • This morning started like alot of mornings lately-Robby hiding in another part of the house!  Ha!  Actually, he had taken one for the team and fed Whitman around 5 last night and then snuck up to the bonus room.  Graham started being pretty noisy around 6:40 causing the others to get mad at him and quite an uproar happened upstairs.  
  • I eventually had to tell the boys that they were both going to go to bed early tonight (which didn't happen) but it did change their attitudes enough for the day to start off fine.  Keaton even woke up with all of the commotion happening this morning-she usually sleeps the longest but not today.  Hmm, maybe she is getting ready to move in with the others if she wakes up so early.
  • We then had breakfast and started on school.  I guess we are back on track for next week-everyone is caught up from all of our sick days this week.  Just 2 more weeks of Comm central and a few more weeks here at home and then off for the summer.  Now I need to come up with some reading incentive for the kids during the summer months-but we have a few other things to accomplish as well: learn to swim (Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell), learn to ride a bike (Reagan, Anderson and Graham), learn to swing (Campbell), work in the reading book (Graham), learn to tie shoes (Anderson), learn how to do a few more chores (all) and play all our games and work all our puzzles. Seriously, that list was longer than I thought-probably all won't be happening but worth a shot!
  • Anyway, school was fine though they were so easily distracted and I wasn't really into it today-I am kind of longing for a normal, back in the routine type of day.  Maybe in a few years that will happen!  Graham disappeared for a long, long time during school and I found out that he had commandeered Robby's ipad and was taking his turn-at least he had finished his school work.  That poor child has gotten used to coming and going during school and come July when his kindergarten starts it will be pretty tough for him.  My current plan is to start at least a week early with just him so he can get into the swing of things.  And then I can have enough time to enroll him at Lawson if I need to!  Kidding-kind of!
  • After school, the kids helped me with the laundry and then we had lunch.  I did bribe them with brownies for helping clean the windows.  I tried to show everyone the correct way to do the windows but I didn't work with them so I am not sure of the quality of their work.  Though my main goal was to get rid of a few fingerprints that I often see and that was accomplished.  
  • Soon Keaton was fussy so she went to bed early and I laid down by the movie watching kiddos.  Campbell and I fell asleep during the movie and the others might have as well.  Then the boys headed outside, followed by Campbell and then Keaton, Reagan and me.  We worked a tiny bit and then I headed back inside to clean up the house.  But Whitman had other plans and wanted some milk so I did that first.  
  • You forget that babies are always eating.  It is kind of funny that he (along with all my other kids when they were babies and even now) seem to need something just when I sit down to eat, go to the bathroom, start to do something, leave the room or fall asleep.  I wonder why that is-probably natures way of making sure that parents do not forget about their kids.  Speaking of Whitman today, I walked into the room and Graham was sitting there holding the boy.  I said "Graham" and he replied with "sorry."  He knew he wasn't supposed to pick up Whitman and I just didn't have the heart to get on to him.
  • The Wilsons came over for supper.  The kids devoured the pizza and then played some upstairs.  As the grown ups talked, the kids eventually ended up watching a movie and then played a few games.  It was a late night for my crew-so late that Graham fell asleep before everyone left.  The kids (and adults) had a blast but it will be an early morning for my sleepy crew-everything is laid out so hopefully we make it to the soccer field on time!