April 10, 2013

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Sister keeping an eye on little brother!

  • Today started out like most days have lately with Whitman only waking at 4 to eat.  But this morning, Graham and Campbell were in our room before 7-way before.  Campbell was laying quietly so that was fine but Graham was trying to play with all of the happy meal toys from last night in my room.  I told him no but this was followed by a fit which was followed by me quickly finding my spoon.  
  • I almost had Robby convinced that we should just stay in bed until 10 but he opted to run.  (Next week is my goal to become reacquainted with that treadmill, maybe next week or the next would be fine too)  Whitman ate again this morning and after watching Campbell for awhile in the floor, he decided that he wanted to snuggle with me in bed.  And man, we almost made it to 10-just a few hours shy!
  • The kids had the muffins from Nonna.  Campbell opted for a pop tart first and the other had their muffins.  I had forgotten that she hadn't had any and almost gave hers away.  It was a very close one.  Thankfully, Keaton didn't mind that she received a banana instead of a second muffin.  Reagan tonight asked when we were going to eat one thing each day of the week for breakfast (monday-muffins, tuesday-cereal...or whatever).  That will be soon, very soon-worth a try anyway even though it will probably flop.
  • After breakfast, the kids were all good and helped straighten the house.  Reagan swept some of the kitchen fairly well while Campbell loves scrubbing the potties.  It didn't take too long for the house to be orderly again-orderly, not clean.  I have given up on clean and now we settle for "clean-ish."
  • Graham did his reading book with me and then was excited to read some of it to Robby.  The other kids all picked 2 worksheets from their workbooks to do.  Anderson is really the one loving being out of school the most and asks me often how many days off do that have.  I can not believe that we are about to finish their second (and last) week off due to the baby.  Doing school at home is hard, stressful and pretty time consuming but our days lately are pretty crazy without having that routine and bit of structure.  Though this break has certainly been pretty nice.  
  • Everyone (including me) played Robby in air hockey-we are going to miss him when he goes back to work but it is nice that we have one more week of him working from home.  The kids played in the toy room while we ate lunch and then it was nearing time for me to leave.
  • We had told the kids that when I left this afternoon they could play on the ipad.  They asked just about every 20 minutes when I was going to leave.  That sounds funny and all but when 4 kids each ask every 20 minutes that is 12 asks an hour and this probably lasted for 4 hours for at least 48 asks.  As I drove down the driveway, I could see them jumping up and down in my rearview mirror!
  • I took Whitman to meet his great-grandparents...didn't go to well!  I could never get my grandpa to wake up and my grandmother didn't feel well and was in a pretty foul mood.  Oh, well, Whitman will see them next week.
  • When I came home, Campbell was waiting on me and was ready to feed Whitman.  And before long, I was fixing supper and we were headed to church.  On the way to church, we heard that sirens were going off in Bryant and were guessing that church  might be a bit crazy.  But thankfully, the storms bypassed us and things were pretty calm.  
  • It was pouring when Robby picked us up under the drive through but we stayed very dry.  Campbell was pretty beside herself about the thunder.  When we were almost home, Robby gave the order of what was to happen next-shoes off and on a shelf, pajamas on and back down to the bar.  
  • Once at home, child after child piled out of the van. I unbuckled Keaton, leaving Whitman for Robby to get, and I headed in.  Reagan said that she didn't see Campbell and that she was sleeping in the van.  I wasn't too sure about that so I checked the shoe shelves for her shoes.  They weren't there so I hollared to Robby who was getting the baby out to check and see if Campbell was in the van.  That baby was asleep in her seat.  I am afraid that we would not have missed her for a good 10 minutes once inside.   
  • The kids had a drink before bed and then went to bed.  Campbell did call us upstairs once saying that the others weren't doing the right thing.  They did all look suspicious to me but I let that go.  Later, Graham said that his pillow was hot.  My, the things that they can come up with to stall on going to sleep!