April 3, 2013: Whitman's Second Day

Two sets of pictures today:
Brothers & Sisters visit Whitman!
(click here for set 1)    (click here for set 2)
  • We will start this blog by catching up after Whitman's birth last night.  Things went fairly smoothly-not quickly but smoothly.  I only had to push a little bit and he was soon born.  His apgar scores were 8 and 9 so that was great.  He had a head full of hair and looks just like all of the other Dennie babies.  
  • But if I were given apgar scores mine would not have been so high.  After all of my deliveries lately, I lose quite a bit of blood, become nauseous and light headed.  After a shot, some medicine and some more medicine my blood lose did slow down some (a call was given to my doctor for more of these meds in the middle of the night.)  I did try to get sick but since I had nothing in my stomach (except for a few illegal drinks of Robby's coke that he had been sneaking me throughout the day) I didn't have anything to produce!  And my lightheaded-ness continued enough that they gave me the choice to ride in a wheelchair to our new room or just in the bed.  I picked the bed since I hadn't even really set up yet.
  • Anyway, while Robby was giving Whitman his first bottle and while he was getting his first bath, all I could do was snooze.  I guess it was a combination of a long day and coming off of all of the medicines.  Soon though I had woken up enough to inspect him-seriously, I am still pretty surprised that we have a boy.  
  • Around 1:15, they moved us from labor and delivery to room 203.  At first the nurse was checking me every 15 minutes and then she moved to every 30 minutes.  Robby was able to sleep with the help of a pill and I was able to sleep fairly well too.  
  • I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and my nurse was very worried about me.  She and the aid both held on to me with a death grip so I wouldn't fall.  I was fine but light headed by the time I made it back to bed.  But other than that trip and our frequent visitors, I slept really well.  Though at 7, I was ready to start waking up-but since I still had the iv I was still tied down to the bed.  
  • Lissy, a friend from church, hooked us up with a big room since she knew we might have quite a few little visitors coming to see Whitman so it was nice to have room to spread out when Robby started moving around this morning.  Our nurse this morning is Kim, also friend from church.  She had checked on Whitman this morning and he was waiting on seeing the pediatrician and was doing well.  Last night they said that he was breathing a bit fast and would watch it (later when the pediatrician stopped by he said that it was nothing.)  
  • Soon Jaymie, our first visitor of the day, stopped by bearing a box of doughnuts.  They were much appreciated by us and then later by the kids.  Then our breakfast trays were brought by followed by a stop by from many Baptist people-photographer, volunteer, cafeteria people, housekeeping, birth certificate lady, insurance lady...and those are only the ones that I can remember.  
  • The nursery delivered Whitman and he was snug and happy in his little bed.  Then the pediatrician came by to report that Whitman looked great and my doctor came by to check on me as well.  He said that my numbers were all decent and we could go home tomorrow.  
  • Robby gave his folks the call that we were up and ready (well, since I had still had my iv, I couldn't take my shower but did at least go to the bathroom and freshen up some).  I called my folks and they headed up here as well.  
  • The kids were so excited to see the baby.  They brought cards, pictures and even a book they had made to give to him and me.  Anderson, our stoic one, was very interested and wanted to hold him first thing.  He even asked to hold him later and then gave him a kiss as it was time to put him back down.  Graham also was excited to hold the baby but was probably more excited about his new car that Grannymom had gotten for him.  Keaton also held the baby briefly and would look around the room for Whitman.  She was still a bit stand offish but did enjoy the attention that she received from all 4 grandparents.  
  • Now my big girls were the most interested in the baby.  Reagan was thrilled to hold him and even said that my tummy looked smaller (I knew there was a reason she was my favorite-kidding!)  And my Campbell was all about holding the baby.  She held him just about in between everyone's turn.  She was also the one with the most questions-how did the doctor get him out of your tummy? is that paint on his belly button? how many fingers does he have? was my belly like that? and my favorite question "did the doctor cut your head off to get the baby out?"
  • The kids had doughnuts while here and even opened gifts from Whitman.  He had gotten Campbell and Reagan sparkly coloring books, the boys monster trucks and Keaton a my little pony.  While everyone was here as well, the photographer came in to take a few pictures of Whitman.  She was kind enough to even take pictures of the rest of the kiddos.  They did spectacular and Robby even bought the disc of pictures before she could even leave our room.  
  • The kids then left to go back to Grannymom's house to pack everyone up and then the kids headed to Nonna's house for the night.  Soon the cafeteria lady was here with our lunch trays.  She asked if I needed a guest tray and Robby glanced at mine and saw a good looking turkey sandwich so he said sure.  His tray did have a different cover on it and when he opened it, it was filled with some type of meat and green peas.  Poor guy was so disappointed-I let him have my sandwich and took one for the team.  Actually, the mystery meat was good and all I really cared about was the roll and chocolate cake.  
  • I was able to give Whitman his bottle this time in between guests and he is going to be a little eater.  He can quickly suck down 20 ml and probably more but I don't want to over do it.  So far he is a good burper but hasn't done any number 2-ing for me today.  Hopefully, he takes care of that tonight.  
  • Soon Amber and Todd dropped by to see Whitman and brought him a gift.  They were here when Dana also stopped by.  She had been hoping that he would have been born earlier yesterday so she could have seen him before leaving work but that didn't happen so she had to wait until the morning.  
  • After they all left, I did get word that I wasn't going to have to have blood or any more ivs (so far) so I was unhooked and I quickly headed to take a shower.   I tell you, I sure do love showers.  This shower head was placed for a midget but I did manage to make it work and of course you feel so much better after a shower and puttiing on your own clothes.  Though Reagan did tell me that she realy liked my hospital gown that I had on earlier.  
  • Our next visitor was Ryan from church followed by Aleta and then followed by Bud.  They all ooohed and aaahed over the baby but also over the candy bars we were passing out to celebrate his birth. 
  • Robby worked at getting some pictures printed today so Graham could take some to school tomorrow so he left a bit around 3 to pick them up, run home for a real shower and to take the trash out, pick up some more candy bars, drop the pictures off and pick up my supper.  All of his errands caused him to be gone for awhile but I worked on the blog, stared at Whitman and read a few magazines.
  • My nurse came in a few times while Robby was gone, someone came in to make my bed and two ladies from the foundation also stopped by so I did have a bit of excitement.  Whitman did start to eat as Jason came in.  The baby had been sleeping but I figured it was time for him to eat so after a bit I set him up to burp and that he did-all over me, his shirt, blanket and little diaper.  
  • Robby brought Chinese food back for us and Jason and we dug into it.  Grannymom and Grandpa stopped by about the same time and Grannymom held Whitman while we ate.  He was wide awake most of the time and was really taking it all in.  
  • After the Dennie's left, we had muffins for snack and then Will Rusher stopped by for a few minutes to see how we were doing.  And soon after he left, it was getting to be bedtime around here-yes, even at 8:15.  We are some tired folks and plan on taking advantage of every single minute of "sound" sleeping here.  
  • I put Whitman in his bassinet readying to send him back down to the nursery and he turned his little head and started starring at the picture of Graham.  I don't think that he could take his eyes off of it-his little mind was probably thinking "I am going to get in so much trouble with that big brother."
  • My nurse came in and she gladly took Whitman away for the evening and then it was bedtime for this Dennie bunch.