April 5, 2013

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Whitman's First Visit to Dr. Martin

  • Last night I was pretty accurate on my guesses of when Whitman would wake up.  I said 1 and 4 and it was actually 1 and 5 (2 ounces both times).  At 1, he had gone back to sleep after stirring but since I was already in the floor staring at him, I decided that he should wake up and eat.  So I certainly can not complain about the night.
  • The kids joined us and soon Robby headed upstairs to run.  Eventually, everyone but me, Keaton and Whitman (the sleepers) followed Robby and watched the morning news as Robby ran.  Soon though it was time to get moving. The kids found their clothes while I got ready.  Then they ate while I fed Whitman.  I have forgotten that taking care of a baby slows me down a bit-in that I can't do anything else while I feed him right now.  He did manage to get most of his bottle down before it was time to climb in the van.  
  • We had his jaundice check and first visit to the doctor this morning.  It was also our first time to ride in the big van as a family of 8.  The kids were excellent at the doctor's office-it is a small little room for 6 little kids to wait in but they did really good.  Martin even snapped a picture of us all huddled together-of course my eyes were pretty swollen at the time.  Now as tradition of the day after we come home, my feet are crazy swollen now.  
  • Whitman's birth weight was 7.12, his discharge weight was 8.1 and his weight today was 7.15.  So that was all good.  She did agree that he was jaundice as most of the Dennie kids have been.  She said to feed him more frequently (every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 at night) to flush all of that out.  We can certainly do that and though I tried diligently today, the child no longer will finish his 2 ounce bottles and just wants to eat 1 ounce.  That's fine because he is still getting enough-maybe he is saving it all up to eat tonight.
  • After the doctor, Robby ran by work and was inside for a few minutes while the kids watched a movie and I tried to make the icons on my phone pretty (I was bored-guess I should have been feeding the baby)  Then on Lawson, he stopped to buy icees for the kids since they were well behaved at the doctor's office.
  • At home, I fixed the kids lunches and fed Whitman.  Robby helped clean the kitchen and Whitman was laying in the hallway with Campbell quietly staring at him.  She was being so sweet and we were pretty surprised when she proudly said "look Mom, I am holding him gently."  This was incredibly sweet but incredibly not okay.  So we quickly corrected her and hurt her little feelings.  She just cried and cried but she does have to understand that she can not pick him up at all.  She can hold him but only when I let her.  After a good 30 minutes of tears, she calmed down and came back to her spot of staring at the baby.
  • When the kitchen was clean, everyone but me, Whitman and Reagan headed outside.  They all helped Robby clean the van.  I am not sure how much work Campbell did but the boys were good help.  Keaton watched for awhile and then found her a spot in the wagon and just set contently watching the action.  
  • Meanwhile inside, Reagan helped me put up clothes from when the kids spent the night and helped me straighten downstairs and upstairs.  Next, we worked on going through the bin of 0-3 month boy clothes.  Reagan loved, loved this and would even take a few outfits to show to Whitman who was sleeping soundly in the hallway-probably not the safest spot for him to end up.  She would even let him touch somethings.  
  • Soon the others were telling Reagan that they were eating popsicles and she was out the door as well. The kids then played upstairs until Kennedy stopped by.  Reagan had packed up and was spending the night with her.  Jodee held the baby while the kids ran around like chickens with their heads cut off.  After they left, my crew settled down for a nap.
  • Keaton did have to have a bit more to drink before she finally calmed down.  The boys watched their movie and as Robby started the movie, he made sure to cover Campbell up with a blanket and she was asleep before the first show was over.  I fed Whitman and was probably asleep before their first show was over as well.
  • I think that all of us sleepers slept until 5 when Robby and the boys went out to play basketball for a few minutes.  The neighborhood kids migrated to play as well.  Robby said it is kind of sad since they all don't have a daddy to play ball with them.  Inside, I again fed Whitman but this time Keaton watched me.  She is the cutest little thing and would hand me anything that she thought I needed-another diaper, wipes, burp rag-anything that I had nearby she just continued to hand to me.  
  • When the kids came in from ball, they needed a shower so Robby quickly bathed them before Laryn and Sarah Ashley came over.  They arrived with pizza, a delicious chocolate cake, a cute outfit for Whitman and orange juice for the kids (she remembered that this Dennie crew doesn't get juice often)
  • We ate our pizza and the kids asked to be excused.  Laryn commented that Anderson is maturing and he is turning into a little man.  Such a little man that him and Graham were laughing like teenagers asking Sarah Ashley to come and play upstairs with them.  She played and played and played with Anderson, Graham and Campbell.  The kids had a blast and the boys even managed to finagle her phone from her for a few minutes and found a few aps that Robby got for them.  
  • Keaton finally had her turn to hold Whitman today.  She sat incredibly still and I snapped picture after picture of her.  Next Graham had his turn and then Keaton had another turn holding the baby.  This time I wasn't taking pictures of Keaton and she kept pointing for me to get my camera and take pictures of her holding the baby like I had done a few minutes earlier.  
  • Campbell came down the stairs wearing his pretty pink skirt with her stroller, so I felt that Whitman needed to go for a ride (not really-just a photo op).  After a while, Laryn and Sarah Ashley headed home and the boys picked up the toy room.  
  • Reagan was busy eating in Maumelle.  Reportedly, she ate candy, popcorn, grilled cheese, soup, apple and a muffin.  She must have been fairly hungry-and now that I think of it, she hardly ate any of her 1/2 of bbq sandwich and she even loves bbq.  
  • Tomorrow is the first soccer games so everyone went to bed thinking about that.  Whitman just ate 1 ounce at 9 and I will try for him to finish the other ounce in his bottle before I put him down and put myself down!