April 12, 2013

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Making a tornado!

  • When I woke up this morning, I asked Robby if he fed Whitman.  He said "no" and asked when I fed him.  I had not, so I quickly checked on and he was peacefully sleeping.  Whitman had eaten quite a bit around midnight so maybe that is what got him through the night.  The poor baby was pretty miserable during the evening hours so I guess a good nights sleep is what he needed.
  • Speaking of miserable, when I went to wake Keaton up the room was stinky.  I thought it was from her diaper but alas it was not.  Poor thing was laying in dried throw up.  I took her to the shower and Robby took her bed outside.  I scrubbed her pretty good but didn't get the smell all off of her mainly because she was not going to be left alone in that shower.  
  • Keaton still wanted breakfast even though we tried to distract her from it.  She had a banana and milk and never missed a beat for the rest of the day.  We are guessing that she just ate a bit too much last night. 
  • We continued with our lazy morning and just about all we did accomplish was laundry.  Robby did run while the kids had ipad turns.  Keaton helped me with the laundry.  Then she had another shower with Robby to get the smell off of her-helped some.
  • We did make a tornado in a bottle like Anderson had seen from someone on the soccer field.  They were so excited to make this-need to make it in smaller bottles next time so they can actually lift it up.  
  • Soon it was lunch and then we all headed outside.  We picked up a few sticks and then Grannymom and Grandpa came over.  They helped rake while the rest of us picked up more and more sticks.  Nonna and Pops arrived a bit later and they took Graham for the evening.  They even wound up at Chuck E Cheese (spending my inheritance).  And when Grannymom and Grandpa left, they took Keaton home.  And I really think that Keaton was happy about getting out of here.
  • So we were down to 4 kiddos-Whitman spent most of the rest of the afternoon in the big window so I could easily check on him, Anderson supervised some more and played quite a bit in our new mulch pile, Campbell stuck with Reagan and they helped some and played the rest of the time.  
  • For the last hour or so of the night, we bribed the kids with a trailer ride to help pick up-and it worked.  Of course while they were on their ride, I ran around the house straightening and quickly took my shower.  This really helped out and the house was straight and the kids were almost showered by the time Robby came in.  I even had time to put Robby's lasagna in the microwave-I'm good like that.  
  • The kids were pretty tired from the day so after supper we let them watch a few movies and even had chocolate chip cookies.  Campbell had followed Robby and Whitman to the bonus room and Robby told Campbell that she was his princess.  And she said "no, I'm not wearing a dress."