April 17, 2013

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Silly Trio!

  • Last night it was a good thing that Robby and I went to bed early because at 11:45 we got the call: "Mooooom, I threw up."  It was Anderson.  I went upstairs and he showed me where it was twice-I didn't need any help though finding it.  Anyway, he went down for a shower and I cleaned up and came down afterwards.
  • So my pallet on the floor was used after all.  He did better than Reagan-still at 45 minute intervals but just 2 more episodes.  So by 2 he was done and then I just had one of Whitman's feeding so it was a more restful night than last night.  
  • Though during one of Anderson's events, Robby was dreaming that he was wearing his blue poncho on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.  I guess as he dreamed, he was actually hearing the waterfall of vomi...oh, well you get where I am going with this.  
  • When we woke up, Robby wasn't feeling that hot.  He has the other side of things along with Campbell.  They both occasionally have fever but Campbell is able to eat.  Robby has had a few things today but is pretty weak (and a bit pitiful!)  
  • So the first thing that happened this morning was a movie.  I picked a pirate movie and Campbell and I had this conversation: "I have one eye opened." "Oh, like the pirates in the movie?" "No, like baby Whitman."  Poor baby has started to open both of his eyes at the same time but he usually only peeks out of one eye when the kids are around.
  • After the movie, the kids played for a bit while I did some laundry-seriously, I have never been so thankful for 2 washers and 2 dryers.  I have kept those suckers busy the last few days.  Then we started on school.  Anderson wasn't nearly as pitiful as Reagan was yesterday so he still had to do most of his work.  Some how though they didn't do any of their phonics or math-catch up will be tomorrow!
  • Then it was time for lunch.  I didn't pass out much food today.  The kids did twist my arm and I let them have some doughnuts followed by some cheese and crackers.  Robby made a call about having some work done at the house and the worker came over-causing us to have to forego pajama day.
  • We then ran a few errands and even hit Sonic up for happy hour.  I did have towels placed strategically around the van and surprisingly everyone kept their drinks down (or up).  Back at home, they watched a movie or two while I did something...but I really have no idea what it was.  I know I didn't take a nap, nor did I do anything productive like clean, probably just folded more laundry!  
  • Robby had said that he would go outside with the kids but he was sprawled out on the couch so I herded the crew outside.  I fed Whitman and watched various tricks on the scooters until Robby came out.  He was able to muster enough strength to push everyone on the swing a few times and then he just sat on the bench with his head in his hands-pitiful, I told you.  I played frisbee with Whitman in my carrier.  I think that he liked being near me and was pretty wide eyed while in there-probably was just afraid that he was going to fall out of that thing!
  • Robby turned on the showers for the kids and I washed everyone up.  Then we had supper (again, not much food was handed out) but they all did have sandwiches and applesauce.  By this time it was pretty late and we read a book before putting everyone to bed.  Campbell's fever did go up near bedtime and she just kept saying that she wanted to sleep downstairs so we let her-though currently she is being a pretty noisy sleeper.
  • Whitman woke a few minutes ago and had a tiny bit of milk and then fell back asleep.  Hopefully I can wake him before bed so he can eat again.  We shall see!  I better get myself to bed because who knows what this evening will hold.