April 28, 2013

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Happy Girl!

  • The first thing I heard this morning was the thud of some child falling off of our bed and Robby saying "sorry, sorry."  To me it sounded like Robby had accidently pushed someone (later found out it was Graham) out of the bed.  But what had happened was Graham fell while trying to get into the bed.  
  • Breakfast was leftover doughnuts and when Anderson and Reagan heard that they were downstairs in a flash.  Soon the kids were putting on their clothes which I had laid out for them.  There was little fussing today-Reagan liked my pick of her dress.  Though the boys both did grumble a bit because their shirts had purple in them...apparently purple is a girly color.  So I tried to catch Robby in time to have him wear his purple shirt but was too late.
  • Keaton had a quick shower with Robby and Whitman needed a bath or even to just get his face washed but we ran out of time.  Actually just feeding him adds about 20 minutes to the get ready routine which did make us later than usual this morning.  Which is just another reason that I need to start waking up earlier!
  • We did make it to church in plenty of time-Sunday school and then worship care for me and church for the others.  Then it was lunch at Nonna's house.  She had brisket and Reagan could not get enough of it.  I have one child that is a carnivore and loves meat (Reagan) and one that is practically a vegetarian (Anderson)....well, guess I do have 4 more kids but the ones that eat are not as dramatic about their meat eating preferences as Reagan and Anderson.
  • After they played for awhile, we loaded up for home.  Keaton had a nap, Robby held Campbell until she went to sleep, Graham fell asleep while watching the movie, Reagan watched some of a movie and then played upstairs, Anderson watched movies until time to go and Whitman snoozed until he woke me up from my nap to eat.  He was in full blown screaming mode by the time I did wake up.  I had been having a dream about some baby screaming-didn't realize it was my own or I might have jumped up sooner.
  • He had some of his bottle and then it was time to wake everyone up and get moving.  Next week is the last night of choir, tomorrow is the last day of Comm central and Wednesday is the last night of Awana.  Woo hoo!  Reagan just loves choir and can not wait for the program next Sunday.
  • The kids were great during church and then Robby let them play on the playground for awhile.  In between slides they would run to their sandwich and goldfish and have a few bites.  Once we made it home, the kids had their ice cream and then it was bedtime for all.