April 8, 2013

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That's one way to get it in the goal...

  • Whitman ate around 12 last night and then snoozed happily until 5.  Robby never heard him the first time he ate and I never heard him when Robby fed him at 5.  Robby did mention that when Whitman ate at 5, it was good for him because it helped get him up and on the treadmill.  That is great because I immediately assigned Robby any feeding happening from 4:30 am on.  
  • The big 3 had school this morning and Graham was the one who was dressed and ready before the alarm clock when off.  Of course, I heard lots of talking before 7 and had to go up there to remind them to be quiet.  But even though I was getting on to them, Graham was still so pleased that he was dressed without being asked.
  • Robby took the Graham to his class this morning and I overheard Graham say "I am going to spend the day with John Caddy."  What?  First my boys continued to talk about Skelley and now they have moved on the Caddy.  Maybe we need better role models.  Kidding of course.
  • Anderson and Reagan to their classes and then Keaton and Campbell to the store for a morning of shopping.  They shopped and shopped-until the crackers and cookies ran out and then it was time to check out and head home. 
  • Meanwhile, I was at home picking up the kids room and saw a taggie in the stuffed animal box.  I thought it wasn't Reagan's but then looked again and saw that indeed it was my sweet baby's taggie.  What is she doing not sleeping with it? My baby is growing up-breaks my heart!
  • As soon as Robby made it back from the store, we unloaded his groceries and I headed back to church with the girls to pick up Graham.  I was pleased with everything that I had accomplished this morning though it is funny how you do forget how often you do have to attend to a baby.  
  • Back at home, we ate a meal that was delivered by our Sunday school class.  While eating, we had some cake and my Campbell told us that she wasn't going to eat the "crust."  Crazy child. It was a pound cake.
  • Robby was on the phone at one point during the afternoon and Campbell asked me who it was.  I told her that it was Ms. Shannon and Campbell quickly replied "she already has a candy bar."  Ms. Shannon does not already have a candy bar but I think Campbell is afraid that Robby is going to give all of our candy bar birth announcements away so she has proclaimed herself the "candy bar keeper."
  • My Keaton is so funny with Whitman.  She loves to hold him but if he is fussing at all, she runs to get me with her points and grunts.  And she also gets a bit upset if he is fussing-she will start whining herself. 
  • Robby picked up Anderson and Reagan from school.  The highlights of the day included Reagan earning a treasure box trip and Reagan's class doing word/logic problems.   And Anderson was super excited to tell us all about the fire alarm.  Apparently the church was working on the alarm and it caused quite a stir with the kids at school-a bunch of homeschool kids who don't know what to do when they hear a fire alarm.  Maybe we should have some practices around here.
  • So once the kids were all home, they were all in the living room playing.  I went to Robby's office and was just chatting away with him as I was putting some stuff up.  Then Robby looked up from his computer, said "huh?" and pulled out his ear phones-he had not heard a word that I had been saying to him.  Apparently the kids were too noisy so he just put in his earphones...when am I going to get a pair?
  • Before too long, it was time to load up for soccer.  Last week I was huge pregnant and this week we had Whitman with us.  And surprisingly, this week was much easier.  Keaton was perfect and spent most of her time on the blanket but did venture out to chase the ball on an empty field nearby.  
  • My Campbell spent most of her time on the field with Robby-except for the time that I briefly lost her.   The boys team had moved to a new field at the bottom and I didn't move when she walked down there with the team.  Later I moved but she didn't know and left Robby to find me.  Thankfully, I noticed she wasn't on the field and looked around and saw her.  She had made it all the way back to the first field and was standing by my stroller (that I had left there) looking around.  I walked up there and she told me that she thought I was leaving her.  
  • The boys practiced hard tonight and then Reagan also practiced hard.  By the end of Reagan's practice, Robby had everyone around playing-brothers, sisters, a full field of players.  They all had a blast and were exhausted when we came home.  So that meant quick showers, a quick snack and then bed for all.   
  • Tomorrow is a big, big day around here.  Why you ask?  Well, happy meals are on sale and the kids know that we are going.  Graham's first question this morning was if this was happy meal day.  As we left their room tonight, they were talking about if they were going to get milk or coke with their happy meal.  And can you imagine how excited my kids are about getting those happy meal toys?  Can you tell that we never buy happy meals for the kids?