April 23, 2013

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Three Weeks Old Today!

  • Our first day in 3 weeks (yes, Whitman is 3 weeks today - wow!) to be back on a semi-normal routine.   Of course, neither Robby or I wanted to get up but Graham and Campbell were soon in our bed but it was closer to 7:15 instead of 7:00.
  • Robby headed to the shower around 7:30 and I went to help get Graham dressed for school and soon Anderson was dressed as well as Campbell and not too far back was Reagan.  Graham requested cinnamon toast for breakfast - prepared it and then got him and Robby off into the car where Robby dropped Graham off for school.
  • We had school underway by 8:30 and were on a mission to finish by 11:00 so we could pick up Graham.  Everyone worked hard but still so much school to get done plus we're doing a little extra so we can have Friday free for Field Day.  But before we knew it, it was 11:00 and we were loading the car to pick up Graham.
  • Milk, and other essentials, were running low so my plan was to drop the big 5 off at Grannymom and Grandpa's and take Whitman with me to the store. But G-mom convinced me to leave Whitman too (not too hard to twist my arm).  Should have been an easy trip to Kroger but in their wisdom they have decided to rearrange the store so it took twice as long plus Robby had special requests (cilantro and Roma tomatoes - he's decided he's going to try to make his own salsa.  If that doesn't work, he also had me get the ingredients for the Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake.
  • Made it back to pick up the kids and headed home so Keaton could get her nap in and we could pick up the house a bit but the older kids decided it was "dress up" day so they managed to get all the different dress up outfits out and parade around the house.
  • Soon Robby was home from work (he did manage to work a whole day) but I guess since it was cooped up in an office all day - he was ready to be outside. He was only inside for about 2 minutes when he asked Graham and Campbell if they wanted to go outside with him (Campbell was still in her princess dress).  Trying to beat the rain later this week, Robby wanted to get one of our burn piles burnt down a bit before it was too waterlogged.
  • Soon all the kids were outside trying to help Robby get the fire started - it took awhile and it was soon time for me to leave for Bunko. I made my way out of there with a fire going, soccer balls flying, skinned knees by Reagan and Graham and who knows what else.  Actually, Robby reports that everyone finished up the evening very well (even joined by two neighbor kids for a quick game of basketball). 
  • Then it was time to head inside (already past 7) for showers by the big 5, a quick pick up of the demolished toy room, supper for everyone and they convinced Robby they should watch 1 more movie.  In the middle of fixing supper, Whitman decided he was hungry but Reagan was a huge help to help give Whitman his bottle before handing back to Robby to finish her supper and movie.
  • Late night for this crew but everyone was in bed by 8:30 and Whitman even slept for Robby most of the evening while I was at Bunko.