April 27, 2013

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Birthday fun for Jacob & Ethan at River City!

  • Whitman is on a pretty good schedule waking up around 3 or 4 every night.  I know that is great for an almost 4 week old baby-only waking up once.  But I do think that a person could go slightly mad being woken up in the middle of the night for too long.  Ha!  I know before too long he will be snoozing in the top bunk upstairs not waking up at all.  
  • When I had finished feeding him, it started to rain so we were pretty sure that soccer would be cancelled but I did set the alarm just in case.  I had asked Robby if he had set the alarm as I went to sleep and he said "no, but I will in a minute."  Of course he didn't move at all after saying that and I set one when I was up with Whitman just in case.
  • Though pretty early in the morning, soccer was cancelled and somehow Robby intercepted all of our early morning bed sharers and everyone ended up in the bonus room.  Whitman and I snoozed until 8 when he decided to eat again and Reagan didn't wake up until the others charged upstairs to put on clothes for doughnuts.
  • This was Whitman's first doughnut run and he slept right through it.  The others didn't and the boys had eaten 3 doughnuts before we knew it.  My Graham said that he likes Krispy Kreme better than Dunkin Donuts because of the hot ones.  Campbell apparently didn't know where we were because she kept shouting "Dunkin Donuts" over and over again.
  • After doughnuts, we ran to Sams.  We really didn't need anything but thought since this was their big tasting weekend we would try a few samples since this is one of Reagan's very favorite things to do.  Well, they had less samples than usual and we even stayed around until after 11.  We did enjoy a piece of cheese and a multigrain cracker (which Graham spit out-at least he asked if he could).  So the much advertised tasting menu was a bust for these Dennies.  
  • Though it wasn't all a waste.  We did buy Robby a shirt and a foldable wagon to haul all of our soccer gear (even though soccer is almost over, there will be plenty of other uses for it).  And we did run into my ob/gyn who was also killing time at Sams.  And we spoke to a lot of people...the more kids you have, the more people want to talk to you.  I turned the corner and Robby was talking to one lady and she said something to me.  I politely spoke back and later asked Robby if she was from his work.  He laughed and said she was a stranger.  Seriously, why do people want to talk to us about the kids-they are adorable and pretty well behaved-but that is still just odd to me.  
  • Next stop was to get our oil changed.  We even went to a place where you stay in the car while they work.  The kids were impressed with all of this for about 3 minutes and then they wanted us to turn the movie back up.  
  • Back at home, we cleaned up the van and Robby vacuumed it while I opened the wagon.  By then it was well after 1 and we went inside for lunch.  Next up was a nap for Keaton, movies for some and Campbell hung with us.  Robby worked in the garage, Campbell talked in the garage and I brought my stuff to work on out in the garage.  It was kind of nice out there (except for the constant talking by Campbell)-the temperature was cool and it was raining.  I probably could have taken a nap outside.  Sometime before the rain, there was a brief soccer game with Robby and the kids.  But God must really not have wanted my kids to play soccer today because it started pouring on all of them before anyone could score a goal.
  • Robby and the boys had showers and were out the door just in time to make it to Jacob and Ethan's birthday party.  It was at the gymnastics place and the boys had a blast.  Robby spent his time hanging out with our pediatrician (this has been the day of doctors)  Anderson never stopped at the party but Graham, our observer, would stand by Robby some and then go and play.  They had pizza there for supper.
  • Back at the house, I folded laundry, got ready for my Sunday school lesson (trying it out on Campbell) and then we played a few games.  So my Sunday school story started out with Joshua being an old man.  Campbell quickly stopped me and said "like some of those real old people at Beebee and Papaw's new place."  Indeed there were a few really old people at the nursing home on Wednesday.  That is as far as I got with the Sunday school story on her.  
  • Reagan and I played Go Fish, then we tried to play Candyland Castle but Keaton didn't want to play the right way and the other girls thought it was hysterical.  I then got the text that the boys were eating, so we moved into the kitchen and played Minnie Mouse Bow Bingo while I fed everyone supper.  Campbell and Reagan got so tickled about something and Reagan said "this is the best night ever."  Really?  Best night ever-hmm, it just doesn't take too much.
  • Soon the boys were back and the kids convinced us to watch a few more movies before bed.  Whitman and I had a nap and woke in time to put Keaton to bed.  As the big ones were going to bed, Anderson and Graham told me that they were starving and continued that they had not had supper or lunch.  Reagan piped in and said that she was also famished.  Now come on, those kids had all eaten and could in no way be hungry.  
  • I told them that if they were still hungry at 8:40 (in 45 minutes) that they could call me and I would bring them some crackers.  I really thought everyone would be asleep-even Robby was practically asleep at 8:40-but alas at 8:49 we heard Reagan calling.  I went up and Reagan was wide awake as well as Anderson.  Reagan told me that she knew she could make it.  She was pretty pleased with herself and even said that Anderson really wanted to stay awake but he fell asleep so she had to shake him to wake him up.  I passed out crackers and water bottles and hopefully they go to sleep.  
  • One child though is definitely not asleep.  Whitman is perfect during the day but just unsettled at night time.  He just had some tummy time and is not laying on me.  I guess he is ready to eat again-that is all that he has done this evening-eaten and burped!