April 14, 2013

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Is that a frown?  Or is that a hungry face?

  • Last night when we were going to bed I told Robby that my back was a bit sore.  And for about an hour before Whitman woke up for his feeding, I could not go to sleep because of my back.  Seriously, when Whitman was eating I was convinced that I would not be able to go to church this morning.  Robby reminded me of my medicine from the having the baby and it helped quite a bit-until my second dose wore off at lunch.  Anyway, my back is some better (tolerable) and not like last night (unbearable, worse than any having the baby pain that I have experienced).  
  • Whitman gobbled down his milk last night and was the last one awake this morning.  Graham and Campbell were the first ones awake this morning and Graham was ready to get his clothes on for church.  Whitman didn't get his bath this morning but at least he managed to get clean clothes on!  Actually, this morning wasn't nearly as rushed as yesterday since we even had time to stop and get Robby and me breakfast on the way.
  • At church, the sweet teachers and kids in our pre-k class had cookies and punch for us as well as a gift card for Target.  Jodee picked Whitman up from his class and brought him down for us so all of the kids could see him.  They were so cute and most of them asked to see him.  Graham was pretty proud of his little brother and said that he didn't have to look at him because he could see him all of the time.  
  • All of this showing off made Whitman pretty tired and he slept from when we left church until when we came back this afternoon.  He had a much better nap than the rest of us.  We had a yummy lunch at Nonna's house and even walked over to see a house nearby that someone is re-doing.  They had put stone on the front of the bar and we even got the name of the mason there working-hmm, maybe we might start on some of the kitchen re-do before the kids go to college.
  • Once at home, we quickly unpacked, put Keaton to bed, poured snacks and drinks for the second movie, started the tv for the big 3 and then laid down for our nap.  I do love Sunday naps-even though they are all too short.
  • Back at church, the big 3 went to choir and the little 3 went to have a cookie in the library.  Whitman woke up and had his bottle and Campbell and Keaton had their cookies.  Poor Keaton tripped on the stroller wheel and fell flat on her little forehead-causing a huge goose egg.  She didn't fuss too badly so all was well after some milk and a few more bites of cookie.
  • Next up was big church and then home for ice cream truck.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham picked out popsicles, Campbell picked ice cream and Keaton gets an ice cream sandwich since it is easy for her to eat.  Then it was bedtime for the crew and wake up time for Whitman.  It seems like he is starting to wake up and notice more things happening around here-actually right now, his little head is turned towards the tv.