April 11, 2013

Moving a mound of mulch!
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  • This morning was a bit different than usual-Keaton was one of the first ones up.  I brought her into our room and she looked around to see Graham and Campbell laying with pillows and sharing a blanket next to Whitman who was in his bouncy.  I put Keaton in between Robby and me and she would just smile and laugh at us.  Then the others started joining us and Keaton thought all of this was hysterical.  She usually wakes when the others are about to start eating breakfast so this was all new to her.  
  • Robby took everyone with him when he dropped off Graham.  He said that they all do so good walking in and everyone speaks to Ms. Stacy.  Then they stayed and listened to the opening-a few songs, prayer and pledge.  Next up was heading to Sonic for Happy Hour.  Seriously, we might should buy stock in Sonic since Robby still has one more week at home.  And Keaton has also learned what happens at Sonic and now demands her own drink.  
  • Back at home, I had already picked up the house and started doing a few chores when they came in.  I was working in the school room and told Reagan and Anderson that they needed to do 2 of their workbook pages now.  Anderson whined, complained and made excuses enough that Robby and him had a meeting with the spoon.  The kids have become pretty lax on their immediate obedience so we are concentrating on fixing that right now.  Robby then told Anderson to talk to me and tell me "yes, he was ready to work."  When Robby saw Anderson he asked if he had talked to me and the boy said that he had.  I overheard this part of the conversation and let it be known that he hadn't talked to me.  This led to another meeting with the spoon.  After that Anderson was a perfect child for the rest of the day.
  • Robby started running and Anderson went upstairs and ended up watching the news with him.  Thankfully, the news wasn't too gory and Anderson didn't have too many questions.  Before too long, we were scurrying around getting ready to go and pick up Graham from school.  As we drove up, you could see envy in the eyes of all of Graham's classmates-every 4 year old wants to ride in a van like ours!  
  • We had lunch at El Chico and this was our first time to go officially out to eat (officially because we were at a place that seats you)  Quite funny asking for a table for 8 when only 2 of you are over the age of 7.  We must have been sitting too near the front because everyone that came in and everyone that left, smiled or spoke to us.  Robby said that we should have charged admission to our little show.   After one man spoke to us, Reagan asked "why is everyone talking to us?"  But the kids were all being perfect-like we were able to relax and enjoy our meal.  
  • On the way home, we decided to do a bit of yard work.  We ran down the road to get some mulch and edging.  And then raced home to beat the delivery truck so we could pick up some sticks before the load was dumped.  Soon the truck was dumping mulch and the kids were thrilled.  Though Keaton was a bit scared of this and when I opened the other garage door near her, she bolted towards me like a tiger was chasing her.  
  • As soon as the truck left, Whitman started fussing so I went in to feed him.  And from my vantage point in the mudroom I saw all kinds of action.  My 4 big kids and 1 neighbor kid along with Robby all were swinging shovels, rakes, hoes and even what looked like an ice scraper to spread the mulch.  I guess there wasn't anything for Keaton so she found a broom from the garage and joined the action. So that was 7 tools being used.  I just sat there and jumped and flinched thinking that the worse was going to happen any minute.  Thankfully, no one was injured-well, we did have one bloody nose (Graham) but that was just due to a fall.  
  • I tried to get Whitman to eat slower so they would have more done by the time I came out.  But he guzzled his milk and then I laid him in the window so we could check on him.  We worked some more and I noticed that my Anderson did most of his work from on top of the pile and his work consisted of telling others what to do.  I mentioned that Anderson would make a good supervisor.  Someone asked what a supervisor was and Reagan said "a lazy boss."  
  • We finished just as the Kamps were on their way so we hurried around and showered the kids.  By the time they arrived, most of the Dennies had on clothes and the house was pretty picked up.  They ate with us as the kids ran and played and screamed.  I believe the kids spent quite a bit of time playing "silly simon says."  Some how that game involved pulling pants down or at least the talk of it so we quickly had to nip that in the bud.  
  • When the Kamps left, Reagan picked up the bonus room and downstairs while Robby and Campbell worked on the school room.  Anderson, Graham and I worked on the upstairs.  Before long, the big 4 were in bed, Robby tucked in Keaton and Whitman, Robby and I headed to the bonus room.  Poor Whitman has been so spitty uppy and gassy tonight-probably because I put him in the swing tonight and all of the kiddos enjoyed pushing him a bit too high!