April 29, 2013

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Kindergarten Graduation!

  • Robby woke me up at 7:25 when he first looked at the clock.  He also had to wake up Campbell who was sound asleep in our bed as well.  Surprisingly, all 8 of us were ready and in the van within 45 minutes.  That is pretty good if you ask me.
  • The first stop this morning was dropping Keaton off to spend the morning with Pops.  Pops volunteered to stay with Keaton during the big kids program.  Next up was dropping off Graham to Ms. Stacy's class.  He kind of wanted to go and see the other's program until I mentioned that he would miss recess and snack.  After we dropped him off, we sat in the van and fed Whitman.
  • Anderson's class had a little kindergarten graduation celebration before the program.  Anderson was so proud of his graduation hat and almost wore it up on the stage.  His class recited the presidents and  a Bible passage.  My Anderson had his hands in his pockets looking all cool during the program.  At the end, they went through and said what they had learned this year and Anderson said that he had learned about science.  
  • Reagan's class was divided into 3 groups.  Reagan's group recited the science facts about sea stars and then sand a song.  My Reagan knew all of the words even though we had never practice them at home.  (You can't be a great homeschooling mom everyday!)  And what was precious to me was watching her tell the others where to stand and even singing along with everyone's songs.  
  • Campbell was lucky enough to get to watch the program with us and did well bouncing from my lap to Nonna's lap.  And Whitman quickly decided that he had enough and wanted another bottle to tide him over during the show.  As soon as the kids were finished, we quietly left with Campbell and Anderson riding home with Nonna and Reagan spending the afternoon with Kennedy.  Robby and I hung out at church for awhile until near time to pick up Graham.
  • We then stopped to pick up lunch on the way to Nonna's house.  The kids were so excited that we were going to eat there-even though we eat there every Monday.  They even had a bit of time to play before we headed home.  
  • At home, the boys played on the ipad while the girls followed me around.  Soon Keaton had her nap and Campbell held Whitman while I worked on my coupons.  Then Campbell and I played a bingo game and then we played it again with the boys.  Next up was Candyland with everyone followed by a game of Headbanz.  They enjoyed playing the games so I know they will really enjoy this summer when it is my goal to play every single game and work every single puzzle that we own.
  • Before too long, it was time to load up for soccer.  The weather was pretty perfect only a big sunny for our two scrimmages.  The boys played the same team that they have played before but this time the team was a bit more challenging.  My boys still won with Anderson scoring 2 goals and Graham scoring one goal.  
  • And the next game was Reagan's and her team did really well tonight.  They played the team that they had lost to last Saturday but this time Reagan's team held their own.  I think they actually lost by 1 point but Reagan thought the score was tied.  Either way, it was close and that is what they needed.  And my Reagan scored herself a goal.  She was not nearly as timid this time and got into the fray of girls to kick that ball.  
  • Campbell and Keaton enjoyed watching all of the action but they were pretty interested in supper too.  Who knew that eating crackers, cheese and meat on a soccer field could be so much fun.  After the games, we gathered all of Reagan's things from Jodees car and headed home.  
  • Showers were had by all and then they all had a drink before going to bed.  I think the kids were pretty tired tonight-but not Whitman-after staying up all afternoon and then sleeping through the games, he was wide awake this evening.