April 13, 2013

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Having fun on the soccer field!

  • Whitman did good last night-only waking up once.  By the time he had finished waking up, it was nearly 5.  He was still a bit fussy as I laid him in his bed so I just sat and bounced him in his bouncy for a minute.  And then I decided to grab the blanket next to me and lay down and bounce his little bouncy.  Of course I knew full well that I would never make it back to the bed and that was fine since I was pretty cozy in my little spot-same spot that the kids migrate to when they wake up-right beside Whitman.
  • Our alarm was supposed to ring at 6:30 this morning but it didn't ring or Robby didn't hear it.  So we started scrambling at 7:15.  Teeth didn't get brushed and Whitman didn't get fed but everyone had shoes and breakfast and we made it to the soccer field on time so it is considered a successful morning.  
  • Graham arrived with Nonna and Pops and Keaton arrived with Grnanymom and Grandpa after spending the night there.  The first game was the boys game-they won again and Anderson was on fire.  He made at least 3 goals and was pretty proud of himself.  Graham ran after the ball but hardly kicked it any.  He was pretty distracted during the game but still had a good time so that is really all that matters.
  • Now, my two proudest moments during the boys game was when Anderson stopped playing soccer and went to help a boy from the other team get up.  Later in the game, Graham did the same thing and helped that boy up.  I pointed it out to Reagan who was sitting beside me and she quickly dismissed it with "oh, he is just trying to get the white star for being like Christ."  I believe that Reagan was angling for the white star too as I heard her ask a girl from the other team if she was okay after falling.
  • Keaton sat in her stroller for almost all of both games-that child is really stroller trained.  I have succeeded in that.  Too bad I don't have her scream trained-she has been quite the noisy girl today with screaming at home and screaming at Larrys.
  • My Campbell loved her few minutes out on the soccer field during half time with Robby.  She was grinning from ear to ear.  She just cracks me up-she thinks she is so much bigger than she is.  
  • Next up was Reagan's game.  The game was looking promising even when the score was 0-0 in the 2nd period.  Tim was the referee and I had offered him some cash and he was doing all that he could do to help us out (kidding).  Then Reagan's team scored the first goal-whoop.  And then the other team scored a goal and another and another and another and you can see where this is going.  It wasn't as bad of a stomping as last week so that was good.  Reagan never really attacks the ball.  She mainly tries to run behind the action to defend the gaol which would be a good thing if she would get near the ball when it came to the goal.  Oh well, I think that she is still having fun-seems like it anyway.  
  • Actually, it seems like Reagan is growing up before our eyes.  On the soccer field she is so big that I can't really read if she is enjoying it.  At the birthday party this afternoon she was the oldest and turned into the little mommy taking care of the other kids.  Not really sure how I can stop her from growing up but I sure wish I could.   
  • After the game, Robby bought treats for the kids and then we all piled in the van and headed home.  We had a quick lunch and then put Keaton to bed and Whitman in the window.  Then we all headed outside for a bit of work.  We only had an hour so we worked fast-Robby used the blower and I along with the big 4 kids used the rakes.  They did pretty good and helped out.  At one point, I had the kids hauling the tarp full of leaves to the burn pile as I walked behind them checking my email-successful parenting!
  • Soon my alarm went off and it was time for us to head in for showers.  We had time for everyone to get cleaned up and then even had time to feed Whitman, pass out dollars for working hard today (happens rarely) and to give jelly beans for snacks. 
  • Next up was Hayley's second birthday party.  The kids were pretty excited to be there and we were the majority of the party guests.   When we climbed out of the car, I switched Campbell's shoes to the  right feet.  Later when I pushed her on the swing, I changed her shoes to the right feet.  And then as they were opening presents, I switched her shoes again.  And just a few seconds later, I looked at those shoes and they were again on the wrong feet.  So that time when I was putting them back on, I took a closer look and Campbell was wearing her right shoe and Reagan's right shoe of a matching pair.  
  • After the party, we went to Larry's for supper.  It had been awhile since we had been there and the kids were pretty excited.  They ate their half slice of cheese and before we could get more cheese pizza for them, they came around with chocolate pizza and 4 hands went straight up in the air.  So that was a pretty nutritious supper when we threw in the cinnamon sticks that they had before we left. 
  • The kids all played lots of games but Robby said like he felt the tokens ran out quickly.  It didn't matter too much because everyone ended up with some candy and some even had bouncy balls or slinkys.  But tonight as Robby was changing clothes, he found another pocket in his shorts and discovered where the other half of tokens had gone to.  Oh, well we will just have to go back sometime.
  • Baths and showers again at home and then Keaton was put to bed and the rest of us went to the bonus room to watch a missionary movie.  Tonight was a good one-no prison, no maulings, no stonings-just one hanging.   The movie was pretty informative about William Booth-founder of the Salvation Army.  Anyway, after the movie the kids were all tucked into bed and Whitman stayed up with us to watch a bit of tv before bed.