April 7, 2013

What a difference a week makes - TODAY
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Last week.
  • Nonna said that a few days ago Campbell saw a cross and said that is a cross where Jesus died.  Nonna added that Jesus wasn't on the cross anymore and he was in heaven.  And then my Campbell said "and soon He is coming back and I can hardly wait." 
  • Robby and I woke up early again this morning and things went fairly smoothly for our first Sunday of getting 6 kids ready.  It did help that Robby had told the kids they could watch him give Whitman a bath.  This is Robby's 6th little Dennie to give a bath to on an early Sunday morning.  He is actually the official baby bather.  
  • We took another kid picture this morning before church.  They did pretty good even though their smiles aren't as good as last week.  What a difference a week makes-one week no baby, next week baby.  Craziness.
  • We had time to stop at Sonic this morning and on the way, we enjoyed hearing the kids laugh and talk together as we drove to church.  Robby wondered aloud who an only child would talk to.  When we arrived at church, we briefly stopped in the front to take a picture of Whitman in front of the church-as is tradition.  
  • At church, we had lots of people coming to see Whitman and Keaton was probably the most pleased to show him off.  Whenever someone would stop us to look, she would also peer over into the carrier to check on her brother.  
  • Whitman even went to his class this morning-all the kids have had the same teachers in the baby class so I knew he was very well taken care of.  He even stayed for the second hour while we went to big church.  After church, it took a bit longer to pick up one extra kiddo but we were still in the van at a decent time.  But then we had to pull over because 2 buckles were stuck so we had to climb back there to fix it.  By that time, there was no backing out of the parking spot so we had to stay for a few more minutes.  
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house this morning.  The kids ate great and were ready to change their clothes to play with Lilly and Cash for a few minutes before heading home.  Unfortunately, by the time we left the kids were all hot and stinky.  Seriously, stinky.  So much so that as soon as they walked inside the house, they had to climb in the shower.  Robby lined them up and hosed them off before I could finish gathering new clothes to put on. Actually, the baby hadn't even been taken out of the car and all of the other kids were clean.
  • Robby and I unloaded all of the bags, he emptied the dishwasher while I made lunches, Keaton was put to bed and the others started a movie.  That left us about 30 minutes to feed Whitman and rest our eyes before moving around again to head back to church.  And those were some of the best 30 minutes of the day-Campbell and Graham cuddled up with us, holding Whitman and snoozing-bliss!
  • Back at church, the big 3 went to choir, Robby went to his meeting and the plan was for me to take the little 3 to go and get cookies from the coffee shop.  Since Whitman was in the stroller, I just couldn't manage Keaton as well so the poor thing had to go to class.  She was not pleased about this and we talked that maybe she knew she was missing out on a cookie.  
  • Of course with just Campbell and Whitman, Campbell was a perfect child waiting on her cookie.  We read a few books and then when she had finished her cookies, she carefully gathered the trash and took to the trash can.  Cutest little thing-won't be long before she is all grown up.  
  • Church tonight was fine.  Graham had a bit of fit because something was in his shoe.  But the real action was the two teenagers in front of us.  At one point, Robby loudly placed his Bible on the back of the pew in front of us.  I was not looking that way at the time and thought "he has hit that boy with his Bible."  But he didn't hit him-thought about it but didn't.  Those kids behavior is just a reminder that we will have to always sit within arm's length of our crew.  
  • We had our sandwiches on the way home and then it was time for ice cream truck when we made it home.  The kids knew exactly what they wanted so picking was easy tonight.  Then as the others brushed, Reagan and I worked on her oral report.  It was about Whitman and she wanted to measure and see how long he was so that is what we did before bed.
  • Robby and I sat down to eat and as soon as we did, Whitman woke up and drained a bottle.  Now he is all cozied up snoozing so he can be up all night.  Yes, last night he was awake for a 2 hour stretch and wanted to be held or eating that whole time.  Then Robby got up with him another time as well.  Is it too early for benedryl-ha, kidding.  So far, I don't really mind getting up with him-I know he will be in a bunk bed all too soon!