April 15, 2013

Show & Tell:  My little brother!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • School morning for everyone and the big 4 all put their clothes on without any drama this morning-too bad we can't say the same for Robby and me.  Ha! Kidding, we didn't have any drama just lots of whining about not wanting to get out of bed.  But that is usual for us.  
  • The kids had breakfast and then it was time to load up-first we dropped Campbell and Keaton off at Nonna and Pops' house.  Then we took Graham into Ms. Stacy's class.  Then we walked to the other side of the church and fed Whitman.  He was at Comm Central today because Reagan was showing him off for her oral report this morning.  The plan was for Anderson to show Whitman off at lunch when I returned to pick up Graham.  His teacher wasn't there so when I told his sub, she volunteered for us to do it first thing so I jumped on that chance.
  • So Anderson was the first one in his class to do his show and tell and he stood there holding Whitman beaming from ear to ear.  The teacher asked him a few questions and he answered her.  But then she asked how many kids were in our family.  And Anderson didn't say a word-so I looked over at him to see what he was doing and that child was counting up how many brothers and sisters that he had.  
  • After a quick diaper change, we were back down the hallway for Reagan's oral report.  Reagan also held him as she talked.  She said his name, said that he didn't cry a lot and then said that she thinKs his eyes are going to be blue.  Her teacher asked her a few questions and then asked if Reagan would show Whitman to her classmates and I quickly volunteered to hold him for her.  They really have never walked around while holding him.  Her classmates were equally pleased to see Whtiman and he was happy with all of the attention.
  • Then I ran home to work in the yard some.  Robby had plans for a big yard day but his two workers were Grannymom who had had a stomach bug/food poisoning and me who has a messed up back.  Either way, lots was done in the yard and Robby was pleased-just have to do a ditch, beside the our driveway and then down at the bottom of the yard.  
  • Pops picked up Graham from school and they all had lunch at Nonna's house.  After lunch, I picked up the crew from Pops' and then headed back home for a bit more yard work.  It was a tiny bit because before long I was back in the car with Whitman, Campbell and Graham.  Keaton stayed at home and napped while Robby finished in the car.  
  • At church, I picked up Candice and Charlotte and then we picked up Reagan, Anderson, Noah, Alyssa Kate and Caroline.  Those kids all started smiling when they realized they were all getting into the van together.  Of course, it was only about a 1 minute ride back to Candice's car where we unloaded half of the kids.  Then my crew stopped at Sonic for happy hour drinks.
  • Back at home, I worked in the house while the kids played outside until time for a trailer ride.  Then we put on socks, cleats and shin guards and headed to soccer.  At soccer, Whitman ate and then enjoyed sitting in my lap a bit during the first practice.  During the second practice, he spit up his first bottle and decided he wanted some more.  
  • Campbell was really good during practice and even laid on the blanket some-she was exhausted.  Keaton was fine except when walking with me and Campbell and then me and Anderson to the bathroom.  She would hold our hands and then want us to drag her, fuss if I tried to carry her or just stand in the grass and not follow me if I sat her down.  She is going to be twice the mess of Campbell.
  • The boys did good in practice but they were on fire when they helped Reagan's team scrimmage.  Seriously, you should have seen Graham kick the ball away from the big 1st and 2nd graders.  Reagan did pretty good today but I was thinking today about my softball and basketball experiences growing up.  I don't think that we ever won any games-and I turned out fine so there is hope for Reagan and her little soccer team.
  • After practice, we scurried home and quickly dipped the kids before putting them to bed.  Robby and I cleaned the kitchen and then I changed and fed Whitman.  Apparently, he didn't like the outfit I put on him and spit up on it.  But then he just smiled at me-probably just gas but the cutest thing ever.