April 6, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
Game Day!!!

  • Whitman slept as well as he did last night-only waking at 1 and 5.  So that was great.  I forgot to mention on yesterday's blog that as I was feeding him his first night home, I was snoozing a bit and almost shouted out "roomba"-guessing I am wanting one off those vacuums for Mother's day.  And as I was telling Robby about this, he told me that he was dreaming that I was putting deodorant on the baby.  Today, when I mentioned all of this again Robby had no recollection about that so I guess he was still dreaming.
  • We stirred around 6:30 and needed every minute of that to get everything ready for the big day.  When I went upstairs to wake up the kiddos, Anderson hopped out of bed already wearing his soccer jersey and said "tada."  He was so proud and ready for his first soccer game. 
  • The kids all had breakfast as Robby fed Whitman and soon we were all out the door.  We have decided that we need a wagon to haul all of our soccer gear to and from the field-thankfully, we have my brother and parents to fill that need.  
  • The first game was the boys and man, they were on fire.  Robby had been a bit concerned about the boy's team but they smoked the other team.  They were bigger than the other team though.  Anderson scored 2 goals and Graham scored 1.  That is such a relief because now if they score no more this year, they at least scored today.  Anderson did pretty good and we were really surprised with little Graham.  He is smaller than the others but he stuck with it and ran and ran.  
  • Campbell stayed on the bench for most of the game until I saw her hit her brother and throw her water.  Robby was on the field during this game so I had to walk over there and get her.  When she saw me coming, she started crying because she knew she was in trouble.  Poor thing, she just really wants to kick the ball.  So during the second game's half time, Robby and Campbell played on the field for a few minutes.  This made that child's day.  
  • After the boy's game, they and Campbell had snow cones and waited for Reagan's game.  Whitman enjoyed his first official outing and relished being held by Nonna and Grannymom.  Keaton also enjoyed the attention and the goldfish crackers that I kept passing out.  
  • The weather was perfect during the second game and Reagan's team did pretty well.  The other team was huge and Reagan is even smaller than most on her team.  Her team did get stomped pretty bad but my Reagan didn't give up.  I really think that she was the fastest out there-now if she wasn't so scared of those giants.  
  • Reagan's favorite part of the game was when the ball flew right between Grannymom and Grandpa.  The girls all thought it was so funny and I captured some great pictures of Reagan laughing.  After her game, she got her snow cone and we all loaded up to wash the van.
  • Sarah Ashley's school was having a car wash so we figured that we would put their skills to the test with our van.  First we had to stop at the bank and then to pick up some food to eat in the car.  At each stop, the kids were looking for someone with a water hose to wash the van.
  • When we finally arrived, the kids were crazy excited.  We let them unbuckle and watch the kids wash the van.  They thought it was so funny-Keaton was also highly entertained.  Whitman could have cared less because he was snoozing away.  Actually, he has done that most of the day long.
  • We had one more stop on the way home and then I took Keaton in the house to feed him while the others helped Robby put up one of our 2 soccer goals from Christmas.  Now my Reagan did not want to wear her soccer clothes to play in the yard-such a diva.  We didn't let her change and that caused all kinds of drama.  We didn't let her change because my closet looked like an episode of hoarders with all of my laundry piled up.  Robby and I did it today and before we could finish putting it all away, Robby had already started loads in both machines-seriously?  
  • After our family soccer game (and no, I didn't play too much or long) everyone came inside for showers and movies.  It was a pretty restful afternoon and we accomplished a few things off of the list.  My list is obviously abbreviated lately but we still aren't even finishing that.  That is fine though because I just will add it to tomorrow's list (laundry, straighten, school lunches, and Reagan's oral report)-see that isn't too long.
  • We hung up the kids soccer posters and they put the stars on their posters.  They were thrilled with this and then we had supper-leftovers.  Robby needed to have his run so we all watched Price is Right while he ran.  The big kids took turns with the ipad and everyone had a few turns holding the baby.  My favorite part of the night was when Campbell turned to Whitman and said "hey boy!"  
  • After the showcase was over, it was time for bed.  The kids were exhausted from all of that running and we are pretty tired from watching them.