April 21, 2013

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Sunday afternoon picnic at the park with cousins!

  • Last night around midnight, I was feeding Whitman and Robby quickly fell asleep.  I stopped in the middle of his bottle to change his diaper and his belly button stump (I don't know the proper word) fell off.  And I was pretty noisy about that but still Robby didn't stir.  After I finished feeding Whitman, I burped him and he never did burp so I held him for a few more minutes before laying him down.  I should have put him down earlier because he then spit up all over me.
  • And I am talking ALL over me, him and the bed.  I had to sit still for a few seconds for the spit up to soak into my clothes otherwise it would have just rolled off of me onto the floor when I got up.  Of course this all caused quite a commotion and much laughter from me.  I then moved Whitman to the floor and stripped him and I stripped myself.  I should have woken up Robby to change our sheets but I just laid around and not on the spit up until it dried.  Then this morning we did in fact change the sheets.  Anyway, I could hardly go to sleep last night worrying about Whitman spitting up on some poor Sunday school teacher and then they would have to go right home to change their clothes.
  • Early this morning, Campbell disappeared from our bed and then I heard her calling "Momma, I don't have any pantyhose."  My little child was convinced that she needed pantyhose.  When I told her that she was going to get to wear sandals today she was pretty pleased.  Then Anderson decided that he needed to wear sandals as well.  I am afraid that the only sandals I have for him wouldn't come near to fitting him this summer but he still was pretty upset when I said no.  
  • Next up was breakfast and Robby had bought white powdered doughnuts for breakfast.  But we have now become a 2 bag of doughnut family.  One bag just will not cut it anymore.  What am I going to do when I have 6 teenagers.  And really, 6 doesn't sound like a lot of kids but when I say "half of a dozen" now that sounds like alot.
  • Church and Sunday school was next.  I just have a few thoughts about Sunday school-even though we had to teach a few lessons with the spoon this morning, my kids are still much better than some in our Sunday school class.  And my other thought was if we had been teaching Sunday school every year, then we would definitely have less children of our own.  Not really!
  • Robby had worship care this morning (don't even get me started about that) so that left me and the big 3 in church alone.  We sat in the balcony and I have a thought about that-I don't care if you are 4 or 64, if I see you playing on your phone or ipad during church, I am going to come up behind you and snatch it out of your hand and put a big black x on it with a sharpee marker.  Okay, I will calm down and be nicer for the rest of the blog... 
  • While we were singing in big church, Graham did start to sit down and Anderson patted him on the back trying to get him to stand up just like Robby or I would do.  Sweet brothers taking care of each other...but when they came out of choir tonight, I asked if anyone got into trouble and Graham was pretty adamant that Anderson did.  I think that Graham was still trying to take care of his brother but Anderson was not to pleased with him taking care of him in this way.  This was the second week in a row that Graham said Anderson got into trouble and Anderson said that he did not.  After many conversations, we are pretty sure that Anderson was told to be quiet or stop something and that to Graham was getting into trouble but to Anderson that was not really being in trouble.  
  • We had a picnic lunch with Lilly, Cash, Dana, Grannymom and Grandpa at the park.  The kids loved every minute of it-Reagan was even pretty thrilled to change clothes in the van saying that they had plenty of room to change.  Graham climbed to the top of the rock wall-way too high for my taste.  Anyway, they all played and played until it was time to come home.  Poor Whitman might have even gotten a bit of sun on our afternoon out.
  • Back at home, we quickly had showers, folded laundry, unpacked and repacked and then it was time to rush out of the door.  We had our parent/baby dedication class tonight.  We are now not only the experts in the class but also the old people in the class.  Seriously, those people in there are so young.  
  • We went to big church tonight and got out a few minutes early.  Early enough that Anderson was shocked that church was actually over.  He could not believe it.  Back at home, it was time for ice cream and then bedtime (one of my favorite parts of the day!)  Except Whitman doesn't yet know it is bedtime-he is fussing away which is a little unlike him.