April 4, 2013-Whitman Comes Home!

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Welcome Home Whitman!

  • We slept very well last night.  I did get up once to go to the bathroom, someone came in to take my blood and possibly someone came in to take my blood pressure (not sure if I just imagined that though).  Around 6:30 the nurse did come in and say they were going to call the doctor on call because my blood levels were very low again.  Robby asked how I felt and I thought I felt fine.
  • A bit after 7, they said that the doctor said to give me more blood-2 bag fulls (probably has a more technical name.)  So I hightailed it to the shower.  My shower was good this morning but not as good as the day before-I'm ready for my own shower.  I was ready when they brought Whitman in for a few minutes.  He was gagging and spitting and had convinced us that he had just eaten with all of his antics-including quite a bit of cooing.  Soon they returned to take him back to see the pediatrician.
  • During all of that they were working on getting my iv redone along with finding my blood order on the computer.  I have never had blood-kind of weird if you think about it-someone else's blood in my body.  I need to make Robby give blood more often-of course, I can not do it because I do not weigh over the necessary 100 pounds!  
  • The pediatrician came in and he said that Whitman was doing great but his jaundice number was a little high.  He said that we should bring him in to the clinic tomorrow for a recheck.  That is fine since we can do his first baby visit then as well.  Whitman returned as well during this time and the nurse was happy to report that Whitman had peed all over her, his bedding and the flood.  Apparently this caused quite a bit of ruckus down in the nursery because another few nurses mentioned his spray.
  • My new blood was trickling in my now and Skelley dropped by to see us.  We are currently at 5 church staff members plus Bro. Paul-otherwise we might be quite bored around here.  Within just a few minutes, the nurse came back to take Whitman for his meeting with Dr. Phillips.
  • We have always had to sign something saying we wanted a circumcision, but this time we had to sign and say that we did not want anesthesia.  We have learned that Phillips is called "Fast Eddie" for his quick c-sections and quick circumcisions.  Robby said to just get it done quickly and I encouraged him to take his time so it could be done right.  Phillips did it quick and right so Whitman is currently sleeping it all off.
  • Phillips did say that he probably would not have ordered me blood as the on call doctor did.  But he also said it would just make me feel even better quicker so that is fine.  He said he would be back around noon to recheck and hopefully send me home.  Earlier there was talk that I might not get to go home today-Robby suggested that him and Whitman just go home without me.  
  • The nurse sped up my blood so around 1 we were nearly finished with my second bag and I was still feeling good-though my eyes were quickly getting puffy again from more and more fluids-small price to pay for this little guy though.  Grannymom and Grandpa dropped by to get a chance to hold Whitman all by themselves without any "helpers" around.  
  • And at about the same time, Robby returned from Sams & bearing Shakey's and Phillips returned with my discharge orders.  By the time I could put on my shoes, Robby was hauling stuff out and the wheelchair had arrived for my departure.
  • Meanwhile, at Nonna and Pops' house, the kids were eating lunch and begging to come and see us.  They had a big time showing off pictures of Whitman to their teachers last night and Graham was beaming as he walked into school this morning and all the teachers gathered around him to see pictures of his new brother.  
  • Robby, Whitman and I made it home without any stops-this was our first time to go straight home after a baby.  Past stops have included-post offices, Sonic, Sams, the old Gamble house to load up a fridge-but this time Robby had already picked up my medicine and we had already had our snack.  
  • Speaking of food, the cafeteria tray failed me for lunch today-some chicken with a bone, carrots, a roll and mashed potatoes.  I did devour the mashed potatoes and roll but left the other.  
  • Once at home, we walked through the front door as is tradition and then unloaded the van as Whitman snoozed in the car seat.  Soon Nonna arrived with the others-you should have seen those kids bail out of the van trying to see that baby.  I had laid him on the couch when I heard the others and they were all around him.  
  • Keaton immediately started to motion to hold him but she was upstaged by the bigger ones asking to hold him.  This caused Keaton to throw herself to the floor and begin a fit.  Soon though it was her much anticipated turn and when I laid him in her lap, she was not pleased at all about it.  He was squirming and she would look at him, look at me and then lift her arms up as if she was saying "take him away now."  Keaton did enjoy playing with Whitman's empty bottle and I did think that we might as well make sure that she would never try to drink out of his bottles-so as she was pretending to drink from one, I helped her put it in her mouth and turned it up.  She didn't spit it out but when I offered her a sip again, she quickly turned her head.  
  • Nonna stayed until Pops arrived after a meeting and we all had supper.  Nonna was our official Whitman holder while he was taking a nap-and since Nonna was having her turn, no one else could get a turn to hold him.  
  • The kids watched a movie, played upstairs and even played some type of rowdy game with Robby.  During this time, Graham fell and has probably "broken" his foot.  We are currently humoring him-Robby has carried him up the steps, I have propped his foot up-but I feel there are no worries to be had.  Though when I briefly mentioned that we were going to the doctor in the morning for Whitman and she could look at his foot then, he seemed pleased-a little too pleased.  
  • Campbell was all about Whitman this afternoon.  She continued to ask me a zillion questions and just stare at him.  She is pretty good with him and doesn't touch him too much-but still doesn't really get it. She wanted to know if I carried him in the house or if he walked in.  And she was disappointed that he didn't get to stay up late and watch the Price is Right with the rest of us.  
  • Anderson continued to kiss the top of the babies head each time he passes him.  And also out of the blue this evening, Anderson said "I hope I never have to see a pig get killed."  Um, okay, me either.  Reagan is so patient to wait her turn with the baby and will be such a good help-though I can't use her to her fullest until the newness wears off for the other 2 girls or they will try to imitate everything she does.  Reagan spent most of her time at Grannymom's and Nonna's making pictures to give to Whitman and me.  
  • Nonna had made a chicken casserole for supper.  The kids ate fairly well.  Reagan overheard us call it chicken "casserole" and she said "oh, this is casserole" and then started to shovel it in.  Guess I should call all food that she doesn't like casserole and she would eat it up.  
  • Right before supper, Whitman polished off a 2 ounce bottle and since his tummy was full, he happily set in his bouncy watching us eat.  When Nonna and Pops left, the kids headed to the bonus room to watch the Price is Right and take baths.  Whitman came upstairs but was stuck in the loft area so he could continue his snooze.  
  • Soon though it was 8:30-about the time Robby and I went to bed last night-and the kids headed to bed tonight.  We never heard a peep out of them and moved our party to our room.  Whitman decided to wake up so he ate almost 2 ounces of milk, burped (and man is he a burper), got a clean diaper and then stayed awake long enough for me to realize that he really likes to be swaddled tightly. 
  • Next up is to finish this blog, a shower for me and then bedtime for the big Dennies because I am guessing Whitman will be up at 1 and 4 tonight.  Actually, I am crossing my fingers that is all that is he is up.  I have already made a station on the floor with all of his baby paraphernalia-bottle, diaper, gauze, vaseline, burp rag, blanket, new clothes.  Now I just need to get a few things for me-flashlight, blanket, diet coke and candy bar (kidding about the last two-well, maybe!)