April 20, 2013

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Soccer Star Reagan!

  • Robby was awake before Whitman and after his feeding, Robby and I started getting ready.  Since the kids were up until 11 last night, it took a bit longer to stir them.  But everyone was dressed and watching a movie while eating breakfast in plenty of time.
  • Though time slipped away fairly quickly when we started putting on shoes, socks and shin guards.  Six shin guards, six cleats, ten socks, four other shoes plus my own does take a few minutes.  The big 4 can put on other shoes and socks but can't do their cleats and long soccer socks.
  • So this was the third soccer game and it went pretty much the same as the rest.  The boys team did really well with Anderson scoring at least one point.  Graham was more into the game this week but wasn't on fire as he was during the girls soccer practice last week.  And my poor Reagan's team did just like last week.  The score was at least 6-1 but hey, they did at least score 1 point.  The girls don't know how to work together and some of them are so big that Reagan can't even get to the ball.  Maybe track next year....
  • But the winning and losing doesn't really matter to the kids-what was important today was that Robby bought them a treat AND a drink.  Tonight as we were going to bed, Anderson said "I know we will never be able to have two things after the game again."  Robby had explained that it was a very special treat.  So I told him that maybe I could "convince" Daddy to buy them 2 things their very last game.  Seriously, my kids do not understand how good their little life is.
  • Campbell was good during the games and seems to understand more that she can not get out on the field.  She isn't happy about that but does seem to accept it.  Actually, my Campbell may be taking the addition of Whitman the hardest-she seems to have regressed to a whiney little girl.  Anyway, Keaton is so stroller trained that she sat until nearly the end of Reagan's game.  Then she just went from lap to lap and chair to chair while watching the game.  And my Whitman had to eat pretty early during the boys game but then slept soundly until time to leave.
  • We went home stopping to buy some peanut butter on the way (should have bought some milk though).  After a short movie, the kids had lunch and then watched a few movies.  The plan was kind of to do some yard work after their movie.  But we lost track of time and didn't really have that much time so we just opted for some play time instead.  
  • When I went outside, Campbell was standing on a bench in the garage holding a broom.  She is an odd duck but I had no clean at what she was doing-holding that broom like she was going to attack something.  Then I looked out the garage window and saw the neighbor boy walking away carrying his dog.  You would think that his dog was some type of attack dog but it is about 3 inches tall and 5 inches long.  Campbell could have smashed it pretty good with her broom.  I just would love to know if she thought to grab the broom or if one of her brothers or sister handed her that broom.  
  • Speaking of yard work-we still have the lower part to clean up, beside the road and the ditch so we will see all of my blog readers next Saturday afternoon.  I'll have supper and we can just knock the yard out.  How does that sound?  I'll even post your picture on the blog!
  • The kids swang, slid, scootered and we even took a brief walk (since Whitman was still in the house).  Nonna and Pops even came over to drop off a few clothes and then we all headed inside to clean up before supper.  When Nonna was still there, the kids were playing in the little play house.  Anderson came bolting out of it, screaming "a mosp, a mosp in there."  We didn't know if we should find the butterfly nets to capture the moth or shoo the kids away from the wasp.  
  • On the way inside, Robby noticed a good climbing tree but then said that we couldn't climb today.  But Anderson just went right ahead and started climbing it.  So he had to sit out 5 minutes at chick fil a.  He and his brother also had to go to bed 10 minutes early because of fussing and hitting yesterday.  He didn't like doing either one of these but it didn't really phase him-not sure if our discipline technique  was successful.    
  • Next up was supper at chick fil a.  This was the first time for Keaton to play in the little play area.  She isn't the baby anymore so she is quickly growing up.  And that child was not happy that she didn't have an ice cream cone like everyone else.  She was so upset with us that she wouldn't even eat our ice cream.  But when she was handed someone's leftover cone, she was delighted and grinned from ear to ear.
  • Back at home, the girls helped with the laundry and dishes while Robby put Keaton to bed and the boys went to bed a bit early.  After picking out church clothes, park clothes and Sunday night clothes it was bedtime for all.