August 10, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Since it was Saturday, we all were up around 6 (at least those sleeping in my bedroom).  Robby was in the bathroom and Whitman decided he wanted to eat which woke me up.  I do believe that Robby woke Whitman up but he denies it.  And the boys were in our room a few minutes before 7.  We tried to lay in bed as long as we could before getting up.
  • Robby had bought stuff for a big breakfast this morning so we had biscuits, eggs, sausage and grapes.  We were lacking the orange juice but it was still a pretty perfect breakfast.  I told Reagan that sometimes we should have breakfast for supper and then she added "maybe we could have supperr for breakfast one day."  I am not so sure that I want spaghetti first thing in the morning though.
  • We all cleaned a bit-Robby steam cleaned the kitchen floors, I vacuumed and the kids took the sheets off the beds.  We were busy working while the kids were doing their job upstairs and we could hear very well what was happening-just imagine the sounds of 5 kids removing mattresses off of 2 sets of bunk beds and then having a good ole trampoline fest!  When I finally went upstairs to referee they were red faced and sweating and had started putting their heads under the sink to cool off.   Craziness!
  • Soon we headed outside for a yard morning.  The kids have gotten so used to wearing their sandals that when we asked them to put on their tennis shoes today they didn't really know what we were talking about.  It was pretty hot but there was occasional cloud cover and a breeze so that made things bearable.  The big kids rode their bikes and Keaton mostly sat by Whitman and watched me mow.  Yes, you read that right-I mowed some today-even with the push mower.  I almost dislocated my shoulders trying to control that crazy self propelled mower.  It was like watching a bunch of dogs on a leash.  I am glad that we don't have neighbors close or they too probably would have sat and watched my show.  
  • Anderson caught a baby lizard that he kept for the longest time-I kept having to remind him to not bring it close to Whitman.  I could just see that thing crawling all over the baby.  Someone had sent us more math blocks in the mail and the kids opened them up and started building with them on the driveway. Math on a Saturday (weird homeschool kids).  Anyway, Reagan spent her time building a "playhouse for the lizard"-I quickly had to put a stop to that!
  • By lunch time, we had finished and all headed in for showers.  During lunch we started talking about our trip so soon we were on the couch watching old videos of Robby and I at one of our destinations (I said "old" but I think they were only 3 years old because we had 4 kids)  That led to old video after video popping up on the tv-announcing Whitman's arrival, Keaton's first steps, Graham's 2nd birthday party-we could have watched them all afternoon.
  • One other observation from this afternoon-kids lose their ever loving mind when they are holding a toilet paper tube.  At one point, they all had one and were screaming into them like microphones.  And later when I walked back through the room, they had strewn them and magazines all around the living room.  It is something how holding one little thing can cause such an uproar.
  • But Robby and I had plans to work on our trip picture book from our cabin/Branson trip.  After putting sheets back on 6 beds it was past time to leave to meet Nonna and Pops at the pool.  Yes, I said the pool and no, we didn't check the weather before we left.  We believe that we are going to now go to drought stricken areas and swim at their local pools so we can bring rain to them.  
  • We were able to swim for about 45 minutes before the thunder clapped and the whistles blew and out we went.  We made our sandwiches and ate as the thunder happened more often and the lightening started to flash.  Robby said that we might wait it out but when it become crazy dark we hightailed it to the car.  It was a true gully washer by the time we made it home.
  • It was then shower time again (can you imagine our water bill!) followed by a brief movie and then bed for the Dennies.