August 24, 2013-Cash's Birthday

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Celebrating Cash's birthday!

  • I forgot to mention this yesterday-the boys were outside playing by themselves yesterday evening when they suddenly ran in the house and slammed the door.  Robby saw their faces when they came in and from the panic and terror on them he could only assume that the neighbor man was chasing them with an ax.  Robby shouted "what's wrong?" and they breathlessly replied "a dog, a dog."  Oh, goodness gracious.  Graham said that Anderson said "back away slowly" and then apparently they took off in a run.  Robby asked them if they closed the garage doors and they both ventured back out into the garage just in case that great wolf of a dog (a chihuahua) was in the garage.
  • Well somehow we have messed Whitman up-he wakes up to eat around 12 and then again at 6.  He had been sleeping so well and now just before a trip that all changes.  Hopefully once in a hotel room, he will sleep just as well as all of the other Dennie kids.
  • So with Whitman eating early, Robby was up when the kids woke up.  He made a big Saturday morning breakfast for everyone.  And we had a bit of time around the house before time for Cash's birthday party.  
  • We met Grannymom, Grandpa and Reagan at Cash's party at 10.  It was a bike riding party in their church's parking lot.  We had to take both cars so we could bring everyone's bikes.  The kids decorated their bikes with a balloon and streamers.  Then they had a bike parade and were timed riding around cones.  The food was good and Cash liked all of his presents.  It was a bit hot but decent in the shade.  Even Toby had a good time sitting on the blanket with Grannymom....
  • Toby?  Yes, that is what Campbell has taken to calling Whitman today.  I don't think that she knows anyone named Toby.  I even heard her working with Keaton on how to say Toby.  Probably by tomorrow I will be calling him Toby too-maybe that is why he isn't sleeping-he doesn't even know his name anymore.
  • After Cash's party, Robby took Keaton and Campbell to the grocery store to pick up a few deals.  Meanwhile, I took Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Whitman to Barnes and Noble for their free book-part of their summer reading program.  If you read 8 books this summer, you get a book.  So the kids (who had probably never been in a bookstore) picked out their book and had a blast looking at all of the toys there.  
  • Back at home, I did a bit of packing, Robby worked in the yard, the kids watched movies, played outside, played on their kindles, ate and drank.  Eventually, there was a game of basketball and a bit of football before we all headed in.  Showers and then supper.  
  • After supper, the kids played on their kindles and then we all watched a netflix film about Yosemite before bed.