August 22, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Well, Robby and I sat on the couch last night doing our nightly blogging, facebook, surfing the internet and eating ice cream routine until about midnight.  Robby got up to head to bed and realized that he had not finished the blog pictures and then tried to do them and had problems with one of his computer programs.  I got myself ready for bed and then started packing some and waiting for him.  By 2 he had gotten everything solved and we finally went to bed.  
  • As we laid down, we heard Campbell over the monitor.  Robby just told her to go to bed hoping that would work.  It didn't so I just went upstairs to get her so she could sleep on our floor.  She quickly went to sleep-she had said she was scared so going to sleep in our pitch black room was fine instead of sleeping in her comfy bed with a well lit room.  
  • By the time I had decided that we would probably never get to sleep so I was expecting something else.  Thankfully it was just the alarm buzzing saying that our battery was low so I again climbed out of bed to turn it off for a few minutes.  After that, we did finally went to sleep-who needs sleep anyway?
  • The morning came early but Robby was up with the sun and vacuumed the house before he left with Campbell to Ms. Hannah's class.  I didn't get much information from her about school today because Nonna picked her up and brought her home for me since we had our little school friends over.  
  • Once Robby and Campbell did leave this morning, we did laundry, got ready, picked up the toy room, practiced reports, read a few books and I cleaned the shower while the kids played on their kindles.  
  • Soon our friends started showing up-Kennedy, Alissa Kate, Caroline, Charlotte, Noah, Lilly, (Eden was sick), Ethan and Brody.  Our first activity was making bags for the homeless.  Everyone had brought a few items to stick in a bag so the kids went around and filled their bags.  The first stop was picking up their bag and saying a prayer for whoever would receive their bag.  The kids were so cute doing this and quickly filled the bags up.  We had water, deodorant  toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, razor, chap stick, hand sanitizer crackers, granola bar, cookies, peanuts, a comb, a few bucks and a tract.  My kids are so excited about passing the bags out-I even told them that it would be neat if someone in California learns about Jesus because of what them and their friends did back home in Arkansas.  That thought this was really cool-now I just have to figure our where I can pack those in the van.
  • Next up was lunch and Campbell and Nonna arrived.  Nonna stuck around and enjoyed getting to watch the presentations.  The kids all did well-Reagan on the earth, moon and sun, Anderson and the US flag, Graham and bones and Campbell really wanted to do hers but couldn't bring her self to say anything in front of the others.  Tonight she told Robby that she wanted to do hers only for him.  So she stood on the fireplace and "read" him her report once, twice and even three times.
  • After a while everyone headed home and I explained to my crew that we would have time to watch a movie and go swimming.  They helped me pick up the trashed house and it was perfectly in order by the time most of our friends made it home.  Keaton and Whitman had naps, the others watched a movie and I tried to pull out school for the next few weeks when we returned.  (I am slacking next week and not really doing school-I still have plenty of reading planned but just don't think I am going to have time to do school as well as everything else-one of the joys of homeschooling)
  • Around 4, we jumped into the car and headed to the pool.  And what did I see in the sky?  A dark cloud-very dark cloud.  We skidded into the parking lot and I threw the kids in the pool as fast as I could so they could swim before the thunder started.  Since 80 percent of the times we have been to the pool, it thunders and we have to leave.  But today was different-the cloud passed over and I thought we were in the clear.  Robby showed up with supper and he and I started to eat while the kids swam some more (starting their second hour of swimming).  And then the whistles blew.  We didn't hear the thunder and the kids didn't know what the life guards said so I asked the lady in front of us.  And would you believe it but someone pooed in the pool.  I would have been upset but I was too relieved that it wasn't a Dennie that had done this.  
  • We finished our supper and then headed home.  We might try again tomorrow on the swimming.  Once at home, we had showers and baths.  And I guess the pooping in the pool sounded good to Keaton because she practiced this in the bathtub.  
  • Everyone had a snack, did their presentations for Robby and then it was bedtime for the Dennie crew.  Campbell was the first one asleep and Reagan even came down to ask for another blanket.  She doesn't cover up with her comforter so she doesn't mess up her bed and I guess that she got a bit cold. Robby said that he would sleep in a sleeping bag so he didn't mess up his bed growing up.