August 5, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Robby and I had dueling alarm clocks this morning-he would hit snooze, I would hit snooze, he would hit snooze and over and over it went for probably an hour.  My goal is to just be up and ready before the kids (or most of them) are up.  His goal is to get there before someone notices that he isn't there.  
  • So that left Anderson as the first one that was awake this morning.  No telling how long he had been in the toy room working.  His lego rv needed some work so he had taken the whole thing apart and spent most of the early morning and off and on all day long putting a few pieces on at a time.
  • Robby and I both did accomplish our wake up goals this morning and I was at least in the shower when kids started appearing.  We didn't get school started at 8 but we were close.  Especially since the kids think it is a treat to eat breakfast in the school room.  Which is a win in the morning but by lunch I had to vacuum in there because of all of the crumbs.  
  • School went well, Anderson traded in 25 of his rocks that he had earned to cash them in to skip a box of work today.  Well, he picked math to skip so I just put it in his box for tomorrow-along with tomorrow's math.  I don't really think that will fly tomorrow but we will see.  
  • Speaking of math, poor Reagan started regrouping (borrowing) with 3 digit numbers today and even though last week she was doing 2 digit numbers, that little change just blew her mind today.  At supper, she was able to show Robby what she was doing and do it correctly so that is good.  If I could get her to stop counting on her fingers and hold her pencil correctly, I would give her a few weeks off from school (no, not really I am too anal to do that)
  • Graham did really well today.  He needs me near him to do his work but today he did a few things without me being right there.  Part of his phonics is a word that he has to copy and then mark the picture that matches the word (dad, bat, sat, fan...)  He gets them pretty much every time and some of his letters are actually legible.  
  • And since we are running down the list of my kids, Campbell did good today in school.  She watched half of Graham's math video.  I need to find some longer videos that probably are not so boring on the computer that she can watch.  I guess the math video is fine-she will be ready for kindergarten.  Keaton is happy during school just dragging out chairs, poker chips and throwing wipes around the room.  This all used to make my crazy but now I just go with it and happily stuff all of those wipes back in the box-after all I am just using them to wipe poo so it is okay if they have a bit of carpet dirt on them.  And Whitman loves his bumbo and sits in hit happily forever and when he isn't doing that, he is eating or Campbell is bouncing him around causing him to spit up-good thing we have all of those wipes so close to us.
  • Nonna brought lunches for the kids-sack lunches.  They loved opening up their lunch bags with fruit, a juice box, lunchables and cookies.  This was Graham's first lunchable so he sat at the table so he could enjoy it thoroughly and not be distracted.  After lunch, Nonna stayed and played a bit and then Pops came over for awhile too.  Anderson and Graham begged them not to go-probably because they knew we had a bit more school work to be done.
  • We quickly did our memory work, read our history and science (fascinating so far-all about bones this week).  We also did some geography and read about our upcoming trip some.  Then Reagan had to finish her math and I had to use my "mad momma" voice to get the others to leave us alone for a few minutes so she could think.  Soon though math was finished and it was movie time.
  • During the movie, I checked the weather about every 10 minutes-the big 4 and Robby were planning on going swimming and knowing our thunder history, I was pretty worried about the weather.  I was hoping they would be able to go more than they were hoping they could go.  Alas it started thundering-Grannymom even checked to see if we were coming to the pool since she heard thunder.  
  • It thundered all afternoon and all while we were eating supper.  Robby is a brave guy and took them anyway and sure enough it was thundering there.  They had to wait awhile-once because a truck driving by made the sound of thunder.  He said they had the "thunder nazi lifeguards" but eventually they were able to get in the water.
  • Graham jumped off the diving board a zillion times and everyone had a blast swimming until the pool closed a 9.  
  • Meanwhile I had Keaton and Whitman here with me.  I distracted Keaton with a shower with Whitman while the others left.  They both just sat in the shower for a long, long time (hope Robby doesn't check our water bill this month).  Then Keaton helped me as I organized half of the toy room, sent a few emails, filed away some of the kids art work and fed Whitman.  Soon it was her bedtime so she had a snack and then happily went to bed.  Whitman has had another bottle since Keaton has gone to bed and is now sleeping.  He will sleep until the others come home and lay down in bed and then he will wake right up.  I don't understand it but it happens every single night.