August 27, 2013

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One last visit to the pool!

  • The kids were all exhausted around here this morning.  Anderson was the first one up but then Robby had to wake the others up so Campbell could make it to school on time.  He took her and she still waltz' in to her class without any problems.  
  • Everyone else had breakfast and then we headed to the bonus room to read some and work on another junior park ranger book-this time for Joshua Tree National Park.  Keaton listened to and watched us while walking back and forth on the couch.  Then she pulled out the bonus room toys and would scream if Reagan, Anderson or Graham grabbed anything from her.  Whitman just laid in the floor listening and then drinking his milk.
  • I let Reagan pull out a few of her shirts for my packing extravaganza that happened later in the afternoon.  Then I trimmed up the boys hair-Robby had recently cut it on the morning that they gave themselves hair cuts.  So today I just had to trim up the back and their ears which he didn't have time to do that morning.
  • Next up was picking up Campbell from school.  She was so happy to see everyone and told us all about school-"Abby Bear" was there (Abigail), they had snack, they went outside to play and she painted but it wasn't dry.  She really loves school, as we knew that she would.  And Thursday is finally "red day" and she will be thrilled to see that I have found her red and white striped shorts to match her red shirt!  
  • We picked up nuggets and hamburgers on the way to Grannmymom's house.  I was in a good mood (probably because I was leaving the kids there) and even bought frostys for dessert.  I didn't stick around for dessert though because I was soon on my way back home.  I thought I would be able to get more accomplished than I did but I am still well on my way.
  • My next stop was Walmart before picking up the swimming crew.  Lilly, Cash and Grannymom came along and the kids swam and swam-this being out last time to swim this summer.  I had bunko so pretty much as soon as Robby arrived, I ran home to get ready.
  • Robby and the kids stayed until after 7.  Robby was even able to swim for a few minutes and they had a "snacky supper" while there.  If you can anything a "snacky suppper" the kids love it and think that it is the best thing ever!  Kind of funny-tomorrow's snacky supper will include broccoli and cauliflower but they will still love it because it had the word "snack" in it.
  • At home, everyone had showers and then it was bedtime.  Whitman is now sleeping in my spot on the couch so I guess that I will go up and pack for a few minutes before bedtime-or before Whitman wakes up for his middle of the night feed (that I thought we had outgrown and now is just a habit!)