August 23, 2013

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Frog whisperer!

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Anderson   Reagan     Graham

  • Whitman ate about 12:30 last night and then again at 4.  Robby had been up at 3 to turn off that chirping alarm still needing a battery.  When you get used to everything shipping from amazon and taking only 2 days, snail mail really seems like snail mail.  So Robby was still a bit awake when Whitman was eating.  When that child was finished with his bottle, he would look at me and giggle.  Cute during the day-not at night.  
  • Robby eventually had enough of Whitman and his giggles and headed to the bonus room.  I was about to leave the boy in our room too and head upstairs as well but Whitman finally went to sleep.  To bad I can't say that for Robby, he never did go back to sleep.  He didn't fold my laundry though-that would have been a quiet project for him.  Anyway, he was out the door before 7.
  • When he said bye to me, I didn't hear the kids and thought I would have a few more minutes of quiet before the day started but Robby probably was still in the driveway when everyone was up and everyone was downstairs.  Usually we don't let the kids have any screen time (phones, kindles, ipad, tv) before we do school but since it was Friday, almost the weekend and since I had a bit of laundry to do, I caved and let them watch a movie.
  • After I finished my laundry, we were going to have breakfast in the kitchen but Graham said he was taking his breakfast to the school room and everyone followed.  That wasn't my plan but certainly okay.  School on Fridays is a bit easier and we finished by 11!  Whoop whoop!  So that meant we all laid in the floor and read some stories.
  • So for lunch, I didn't have anything else to read-well, actually my voice was hoarse after an hour of reading.  I let the kids spread out a blanket and watch an Eloise movie during lunch.  Soon Keaton had a nap and soon it was time for us to scurry around and head out of the house.
  • Our first stop was to see Beebee.  Pops was there too and they were sitting outside so that was nice (and hot).  They were playing Bingo inside and Beebee said it was noisy.  I volunteered to go in and play for her if there were prizes.  The kids though were happy outside since Beebee had not forgotten their candy.  This is how it usually goes when we are there.  One of my sweet children will say "how many can we get?"  I will reply "2 or 3."  Pops was here today so he added "4 or 5."  But Beebee easily topped him with "as many as you want, baby, as many as you want."  
  • When we left, we headed to the pool.  Yes, there were dark clouds in the sky but not over the pool so we lucked out there and none of the swimmers did their business in the pool so we were able to stay as long as we liked.  Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly and Cash were all in the pool when we arrived.  We all swam and after awhile Robby arrived to swim as well.  Reagan headed home with Grannymom to spend the night but the rest of us stayed for supper at the pool.  
  • When we headed home, Robby was delighted to see his lawn mower back in the driveway-it was being repaired and was only in the shop for well over a month-great customer service!  Ha!  So he played for a bit while the kids dried off on their scooters.  Then it was shower and bath time and then a bit of kindle time before bed.  We let the big kids stay up a bit before bedtime for all.  Hopefully, Whitman will have a more restful night!