August 11, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Sunday morning-breakfast, church clothes and then out the door.  This was the kids last week in their classes, our last week teaching and everyone's last week in the second service.  Reagan was happy that Anderson was going to be in the children's opening with her, Graham is going to have Ms. Beverly, Campbell is going to have Ms. Diane.  We know most everyone's teachers so it looks like it is going to be another good Sunday school year.
  • Poor Campbell's feet-this morning when Robby told her to put on shoes, she grabbed some white church shoes from my closet.  Robby asked if those were her shoes and she adamantly said they were.  I heard her mumble that they would stop hurting in her class-should have known that wasn't good.  I saw them as I buckled up Keaton in the van and questioned her if they were tight and she again said no.  Sure enough, by the time that we picked her up those shoes were off.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and the kids played for a bit before Robby pulled out the bathing suits.  They didn't know that we were going swimming today so everyone was happy.  Whitman decided that he wanted to stay back with Grannymom in the air conditioning.
  • The pool was fun-met a couple from church.  They have gone to Geyer for 5 years and just met today, kind of funny.  The kids swimming teacher was there and I told Anderson to ask her to watch her jump off the diving board (he was the one most skittish in swim lessons).  He tried to get Graham to go and talk to her with him but he didn't.  He tried to get Reagan to go with him but she bet him 10 dollars that he wouldn't-he took that bet and walked right over there.  
  • She was quite pleased with all of the kids and how well they had done.  We thanked her again and she said that she doesn't know what she does differently but people are always amazed at how quick the kids get it with her lessons.  Whatever she did definitely worked for my Dennie kids-3 swimmers and Campbell could probably be called a swimmer as well.  Just 3 more weeks until the end of our swim season so we better cram as much pool time in as we can.
  • When our swimming time was over (no there wasn't even thunder today!) we picked up Whitman and headed home.  On the way I lamented to Robby about how I disliked unloading and putting up all of our stuff from Sundays and from swim days.  Today we had both of those combined so the van was packed full of things to put up-we do have it down to a system though.  I grabbed a few loads, Robby got the first few in the shower, I started putting up and manning the shower-ers, he continues emptying the van, he washes up a few more kids, I help with clothes and still work on putting stuff up and eventually we get it done.  Now today just as usual, Whitman wakes up in the middle of shower time-every single day he wakes up at shower time.  He also wakes up every single day as soon as we put the others into bed.  It is almost comical (well, comical to others but not so to us)
  • We had supper and then the kids picked out their Disney pins.  We will take a few to trade at Disneyland and then a few more to trade at Disney World.  Since the kids trade the pins, it really doesn't matter what pin they get so I should just pass them out but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun.  So we drew names as to the order and then started picking-75 pins.  That is 15 each but since we lost a crazy amount last time from the backs falling off, hopefully they will get to trade some.  
  • We watched a few tv shows after the pin picking extravaganza.  First up was Family Ties (yes, I was picking the movie tonight).  Anderson asked what we were watching and I told him and he questioned "Family Dies?"  That didn't sound like a very good show to him.  It was fine and they were interested in it.  Might be a little confusing since it showed things like a rotary phone and all.  But it was better than the dribble they have been watching.  Next up was Leave it to Beaver.  I never watched that growing up but the kids really liked that one-except Anderson saying over and over "why is this just black and white?"