August 19, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Graham woke up around 1:30 telling me that he needed medicine on his legs.  I threw my pillow on the floor for him and took the blanket off of Whitman and told him to lay there while I found some medicine.  Well, I did try to find some type of itching medicine but without leaving my room, there was nothing...nothing but diaper creme.  So that is what he got on his legs-it must have helped because he went right to sleep.
  • I went right to sleep too for about 2 hours and that is when Whitman woke up.  I don't remember actually getting him a bottle but I do remember feeding him.  We have got to get him out of our room but that means getting Keaton out of the school room and up with the others.  Hopefully, we can work on that later this fall after our schedule calms a bit.
  • The next male in the house to wake me up was Robby before 7.  He told me he was out the door.  I did go back to sleep but this time it wasn't one of the boys to wake me up, it was Campbell.  She walked into our room and walked straight out.  Then she came in the other door and said "I can't find Daddy anywhere."  Well, before I could answer, Graham went to make the loop to look for him himself.  This time when they returned I told them that he had already left.  I was prepared for them to call him to say bye since it was still early but they were fine (some days they aren't too fine with him not being there.)
  • We had breakfast and of course Anderson was starving after his supper of cookies last night.  Then it was school time-everyone had filled facebook with these happy pictures of their kids going back to school and we started our 5th week today.  Their pictures showed happy faces but pictures of my kids this morning were not happy faces-it was a rough morning for Graham and thus for all of us.  
  • Some days school and life, really, can just be too much for Graham and after about 30 minutes of a major meltdown, he calms and is back to his regular self.  This afternoon he was the best ever-this too shall pass-hopefully sooner than later.  But I am so looking forward to a few days off of school on our trip-maybe these fits will have subsided by the time we get back.  Not likely but a girl can dream, can't she?
  • After we all finished school and I picked up downstairs, we had lunch.  Usually we all pick up the school room and the rest of downstairs together since we pretty much trash it during the school day.  Keaton pulls out all of the kiddie folding chairs, she tosses poker chips all over the floor, Campbell usually does some cutting and leave the trash on the floor, Anderson does math on the couch and tosses the pillows to the floor, Reagan has at least one blanket that she is covered up with and Graham trashes his desk.  And to top it off today we had a snack which meant lucky charms were everywhere downstairs.  After Keaton had finished her bowl, she poured out rice krispies in the floor trying to refill her bowl.  You can see why I usually let everyone help me pick up but today I needed some quiet time and happily picked everything up.
  • After that it was lunch time and then we worked on our project for our get together with our home school friends on Thursday.  Graham worked on a skeleton, Anderson made a flag out of legos and Reagan started making paper mache sun, moon and earth.  The boys have written out what they will say and we will have to do that tomorrow with Reagan.  Hopefully, I can video their little presentations-that would be fun.
  • When we had wrapped up that work, Keaton went to bed and we read science, history, did some memory work and found a few places on the map.  Here is my science fact of the day-the muscle that is the most active?  Heart?  Nope, it is your eyes.  Interesting, huh? By the time we had finished all of this, it was time to wake Keaton up and start putting on clothes.
  • We were going to meet Robby at 5:15 to eat so I needed to leave at 4:45.  At 5, we were just loading up but we still beat Robby so that was fine.  Though one time when we ate at El Chico, Robby did arrive before us and drinks and cheese dip were on the table when we arrived.  That was nice but tonight was good too.  We even received one compliment despite Campbell who wasn't sitting by us and really needs to.  Next time we will know better.
  • Back at home, the kids played their kindles while Robby and I did 16 loads of laundry.  Today I was able to get zero of my chores accomplished so that leaves the rest for tomorrow-though I was really looking forward to starting to pack today but that can be done tomorrow.
  • The kids had ice cream truck since we missed it yesterday and then it was bedtime for everyone-here's to hoping that we sleep at least 6 hours straight!