August 2, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Sometime in the middle of the night, Campbell woke up saying that her ears hurt.  We eventually edged Robby out of the bed and slept okay.  At one point, she asked where Robby was and I said I didn't know.  She then cried "maybe he is looking for me ear drops."  Pitiful child.  But she perked up today and never had any other complaints-tonight will tell though if we need to go to the Saturday clinic.
  • My kids are just tired from VBS so everyone was still sleeping at 8 which is when I really want to start school.  We still managed to do everything which was pretty surprising.  School is pretty crazy and I am probably get frazzled more than I should.  Hopefully though I can make a few tweaks and things will go smoother.  
  • At 12:15, I stared getting everyone moving and poured some lunch on plates and we headed out the door for swimming.  I told the kids that summer was really winding down and in about 30 days, we will leave on our trip and before we get back the pool will be closed. Maybe the last week we are here I should take them each day.  
  • The kids are really good at the pool.  Campbell really wants to swim with her floatees off but when I am not in the pool that isn't possible and I don't trust her to remember not to go past the steps.  Anderson was a bit braver today but is still uber cautious.  The kids have all started trying to do handstands in the pool so that is pretty entertaining-imagine Campbell trying to do a handstand while wearing floatees.  
  • Next up we headed home for showers. Whitman is now 4 months and the highlight of his day was taking a shower with the others.  I sat him in his bumbo seat and he was still happy as he could be after showering with Graham, Campbell and then me.
  • Then we made a jello model of the cell.  The kids really liked finding candy from their boxes to represents different parts of the cell.  We were wrapping up when Robby came home from work.  And within a few minutes we were down the street for the last night of VBS.
  • They had a bit of a program tonight-first we cited the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag, the Christian flag and the Bible; then puppets and then the kids went up on the stage and sang.  My boys and Reagan sang their little hearts out.  And Campbell mostly just sat on the stage watching the crowd (everyone else was standing).  She did eventually stand up and sing a do a few hand motions.  
  • We had to leave early and when we left, some old grandma lady stood up to hug Robby like we were part of the family.  Completely different experience than VBS at our church but we really enjoyed it.  
  • After sneaking out, we sped over to the Pennington's house for supper.  Jaymie cooked on his grill while the kids played.  The highlight was playing on the Wii-my kids haven't played on a video game like that since before Keaton was born.