August 18, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Promotion Sunday at church this morning and with much excitement the kids were up, dressed and eating doughnuts ready for their new classes.  At church we first dropped off Whitman and of course he didn't fuss (since he was asleep as usual).  
  • Then Keaton was the next to go into her class.  She did let out quite a few screams.  We watched her briefly from the window and as we walked away Anderson said "bless her heart."  
  • Campbell was the next one to be dropped off.  She has become more and more apprehensive about going into her classes lately-hopefully it is just a short phase because she is too big to be acting like that.  Robby was able to talk to her a few times and get her in the door without too much of a scene.  There's always next week though-she may be saving up her scene for next week.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham stopped to say hello to Grannymom and Grandpa as we walked into big church.  Then they asked if they could go and see Nonna and Pops. We had already seen them in the parking lot but I didn't think anything about them going and seeing them again.  But when they returned their ulterior motives appeared-Anderson said "the candy man wasn't over there."
  • Since we are now in the first service, things are a bit different.  And Reagan noticed one difference.  She leaned over to me during church and said "a lot of these people are old."
  • Graham went to his Sunday school class and Ms. Stacy, his last years preschool teacher, was his teacher.  Anderson must have enjoyed his new class because he got to be up on stage to play a game and even won.  He also said that Cooper, Jacob and him were the only boys but they knew all of the answers to the questions.  Reagan was happy to be in class with Camryn, Cate and Presley-I told them that they had to tell me 3 people in their classes this morning.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops house.  Graham even had a belated birthday present from Will to open up.  It was a net and a bug cage.  Graham could hardly eat his lunch because he was so ready to get outside and start catching bugs.  They had Jason working hard out there chasing butterflies but no bugs were caught today.  I am sure we will find something tomorrow though.
  • At home, we followed our traditional Sunday routine-Whitman and Keaton napped, Reagan, Anderson and Graham watched movies, Robby read, I slept and Campbell eventually ended up asleep near me.  I love Sunday afternoons but I do hate having to get up and get moving.  Since we didn't have choir today I was able to sleep a bit longer.  But after I woke up, we still only have about 10 minutes before it was time to head out the door.
  • We threw in the chairs, blankets, wagon, Whitman's seat, a few of the kids and away we went.  Just about as soon as we opened the car doors, Reagan, Anderson and Graham ran off to the jumpys and we really didn't even see them again to we loaded back up into the car.  Graham and Reagan did manage to find us to eat but I neglected to get Anderson food.  I started talking on my way over and then forgot so as he was walking to bed, he said "did I eat supper?"  Robby tried to remind him that he had chips and cookies as well as 2 cokes.  Anderson shot back with "I didn't have any chips."  So he had a banana before bed (we are stellar parents trying to convince the child that cookies and chips were supper)
  • Campbell enjoyed the picnic too-her favorite spot to sit was up on one of the jumpys right in the middle at the starting line.  I guess sitting there she could be near all of the action, feel like she was bouncing and not have to do any of the work of actually jumping.  She is a mess, I tell you!  
  • Keaton really wanted to jump and Grannymom nor I could get her to actually go into a jumpy.  But big sister Reagan took her by the hand and got her in one and even had big girls take her up to the slide.  She is a good big sister-I even watched her pushing Campbell up one of the big slides-pushing Campbell is a tough job so no wonder Reagan was tired tonight.  
  • Whitman had a good time being doted on by all of the grandparents and sitting up watching all of the action.  The picnic was pretty perfect-lots of friends, lots of food and perfect weather.  I hated to leave but the party was pretty much over since everyone was rushing off to get into bed for the first day of school tomorrow.  Tomorrow is our 21st day of school here so even though it is not the first day of school, I do hope that we wake up at a decent time!  
  • At home, everyone had showers and then some water before bed.  Since Campbell had a nap she was still upstairs stirring things up for a bit-sounds like everyone is asleep now.  Downstairs Whitman is drinking his 9th and 10th ounces of milk now.  He is acting like he hasn't eaten in hours.  Speaking of, I haven't eaten in hours either-maybe I should have myself a snack!