August 14, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • The kids were up early and ready to get started this morning.  Without scissors they focused mainly on their school work before breakfast.  I suggested that they go and play upstairs but who would want to go where the toys are?  They instead migrated to the school room and started on their work.  Reagan and Graham really got busy and Anderson just dabbled in his school work.
  • I managed to find enough breakfast for the kids-that grocery store is getting close to a visit from the Dennies.  We might even try to shop for a whole month (seriously, that would be a dream of mine but know realistically that is close to impossible.)
  • Next up was school and the kids did really well today.  Campbell has lost interest in her boxes and just roams from desk to desk causing problems.  Not really, she does spend a bit of time watching phonics videos on my computer.  Even though she is wearing headphones, she stands up, dances and sings along-great work environment for the others.
  • After school, we had lunch and read a few stories.  Then some chores-potties, trash, straightening.  I am so close to having the kids doing all of my work.  I really think in another 8 years they will be doing all of the chores and I can start sitting around watching those soaps in my bathrobe again.  (Kidding, I don't have a bathrobe.)
  • We did a bit of science-our excitement today was making a playdoh man.  He didn't stand up and just flopped down until we added some bones to him (toothpicks).  After that his body had form and held its shape.  I guess the kids had never held toothpicks before because they had no plans of throwing them in the trash like I asked.  They wanted to keep them for who knows what!
  • We went to see Beebee.  Pops forgot to take her money to give to the kids so I had to smuggle some in.  The kids were almost too busy eating candy to notice me passing her the money.  She lets them eat as much candy as they can-like they are on a game show...who can eat the most candy in an hour wins a dollar!  
  • Our outing to Beebee's place does brighten her day (even if it does widen our hips).  My Keaton is so good at hugging when it is time to say bye.  She even hugged Beebee's new roommate as we left.  Beebee doesn't have too good of odds with roommates so we will see how long this one lasts-and no she doesn't run them off.
  • Back at home, we all played outside.  Anderson pulled a 10 foot log around for awhile.  He and his bright brother tried also to pull that log up the slide.  They worked for a long time (until I made them quit) because they were also sliding down the slide with a log inside of it. 
  • I had a meeting at church and Robby made the kids supper and even gave everyone showers.  When I made it home, they were all having a bedtime snack before bed.  He had to give them ice cream from our ice cream truck stash because we have no food in the house!