August 8, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Whitman woke up again in the middle of the night-he has slept in our room longer than any other child which is kind of funny because our house is bigger now than ever before but still he is in our room!  I do believe that he is on his way out of our door and moving on to another room-not real sure where but somewhere that he can not be heard at 4 in the morning.
  • Anderson was the first one up this morning and everyone  was actually up right after 7.  And we even started school around 8.  Graham and Reagan were finished about an hour before Anderson.  Poor guy, he can't concentrate for anything.  I completely understand that it is crazy at our house and plenty distracting but even when I send him somewhere else, he just is in no hurry.  That was fine though while he finished, I had the others help me with a few things around the house and then the others played on their kindle.  After Anderson had worked about an hour with only me popping my head in the school room, he zipped through his math and was done in a heart beat.  I guess that you have to want to finish your work to truly get it done.
  • Next up was lunch-mac and cheese, cheese, turkey, edamame, fruit (still working through the freezer and pantry).  We read a few books and then did science.  Today in science we learned that our arm length is the same as our height and we all tested it out to find that it was fairly accurate.  
  • Then we did a minute or two more of chores and I put Keaton down for a nap.  I told the kids that they could play on their kindles or watch a movie.  They all picked kindles but Graham because furious that he could no longer play a game.  (His game time had timed out so that just left books! gasp!) I tried once to take a video of him since no one would ever believe me but whenever I pick up my phone, he thinks I am calling his Daddy and that quickly quiets him.  
  • He screamed so much "I want to play on my kindle" that Campbell would mimic him and playfully scream along with him.  Her antics infuriated him but tickled me.  I tried to get him to understand my new rule that you can only fuss in my closet but he didn't catch on to that ever after I walked him there about a zillion times.  I tried to explain that he could play his kindle anytime after he calmed down.  But unfortunately that never clicked and he has lost his kindle for the next 3 days-easy come, easy go!
  • During his fit was when it was time to load up.  I didn't think that he was going to ever put on his bathing suit and was fully prepared to take him swimming in his pajamas.  He did finally get his suit on but refused to get shoes.  I read recently about "natural consequences" and I figured that hot pavement would be a very natural consequence!  After about 10 steps, he started screaming "I didn't know, I didn't know."  I picked him up and carried him into the pool area (I am not that horrible!)  He asked if he was going to get to swim and I asked if he deserved to swim and he said "no."  But I let him swim know that the no kindle for the weekend would be the consequence for the kindle fit.
  • We swam and swam and swam.  Grannymom was there too and it was so hot that we all had to get into the water.  Whitman even got in for a bit.  The kids are getting so good at swimming...except when Campbell climbed into a float that I told her not to.  I heard her flop and could only see her legs above water.  I had to climb over a wall to get her and she was sputtering away but probably learned her lesson!
  • Robby eventually arrived with supper and we devoured it-we were some hungry swimmers!  Anderson was more than ready yo leave to spend the night at Grannymom's house.  In fact he was ready to go when we climbed out of the car at the pool!
  • After many, many hours we headed home for showers and bed.  The kids are exhausted and I am too!