August 20, 2013

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  • Well, last night I hoped for 6 hours and that is exactly what I got-6 hours of un-interrupted sleep.  I should have asked for 8 though.  At 6 pretty  much on the dot, Keaton was fussing and woke us both up.  Robby brought her into our room since her fussing is pretty rare (though the other night she started fussing because she had taken her diaper off)  I was pretty sure we might could get her back to sleep except about 2 minutes later, we heard feet upstairs.  Soon Graham was climbing into our bed.  I laid between them hoping that would help them lay down but of course that didn't work.  Keaton just kept running down the list "Where's Daddy?" Where's RaeRea? Where's AA? Where's Bable (Campbell)? Where's WhitWhit?"  Over and over she asked this until Robby suggested that he get everyone breakfast.
  • Today was a big day here, Campbell's first day of preK-3.  I think she was pretty excited.  She had heard Ms. Hannah say that "wear red day" was next Thursday so she was determined that she had to wear red "just in case."  I tried to explain to her that today was not red day but that was like talking to the wind.  I guess I will have to buy some more red shirts for the child because that is probably all that she will wear to school from now on. 
  • Robby took her to school this morning and he said that she went in fine.  Adalyn and Abbygail are in her class.  And a little boy named Thomas-why does Campbell remember his name...because he brought snack.  She said that he brought "penguins" for a snack.  That was pretty puzzling for us-What where they made out of? penguins. Real penguins? no. What did they taste like? and finally she said that were penguins like goldfish.  Grannymom picked Campbell up and said that Campbell had had a good day.  On the ride home, Campbell was pretty surprised that Grannymom and Grandpa didn't have a tv in their car.  Gasp!
  • Back at home, it was indeed a quieter day during our school.  I had thought that the kids would have finished a bit sooner without one of the distractions (Campbell).  But they didn't and that was fine too since everything was a tad bit calmer.  I really just need for Keaton to become interested in tv shows or something though.  She just clamors for attention during school.  
  • Though Whitman garnered a lot of attention today during school showing off his new skill-rolling over.  He goes from his back to his tummy and then is pretty happy on his tummy for awhile.  We have never had a Dennie baby that is content on their tummy for more than a few seconds so I keep flipping Whitman back over thinking he is going to get mad.  But he stays happy holding his little head up looking around.  I guess I better get out a few blankets are he is going to get carpet burn!
  • After finishing school, Reagan worked some more on her project and Graham read his to me at least 3 times and even made me video it. He is so excited and keeps adding thing that he wants to say.  I think that he will probably do better than Reagan or Anderson.
  • We had our lunch and read a plethora of stories before loading up to go to Grannymom's house.  Whitman had a doctor's appointment so the other kids hung with Grannymom, Grandpa and then Lilly and Cash while we were gone.
  • Whitman passed at the doctor's office and weighs 16.3 pounds.  His head is not ginormous like the others since he is only in the 80th percentile but maybe he will catch up to all of my other big headed Dennies.  After the doctor, we made a few stops-I actually don't like running errands with Whitman-only because I am afraid that I am going to leave him in the car.  I have never forgotten him but still for some reason that kind of unnerves me.  So just to make sure I didn't forget the child, I put my wallet in his car seat.  I don't know why I am so paranoid about that-I am sure that there are better fears that I should that Campbell will never stop fussing, that Keaton will never be potty trained, that Reagan will always write her number 5 backwards, that Graham will throw fits when he is 40 and that Anderson will hoard toothpaste.
  • The kids had lots of fun at Grannymom's house and were playing outside when I returned.  Campbell was so excited to see Whitman and was so heartbroken to see his bandaids covering up where he had gotten his 4 shots.  The kids then had a quick snack before we headed home.  By the time, a tiring first day at school and playing hard during the afternoon had taken its toll on Campbell and she fussed the entire way home.  
  • At home, I unloaded the van and then threw the football around to the 3 football players.  The boys can throw the football better than I can.  They all ended up in the dirt and I ended up inside heating up supper.  After everyone migrated in, we ate and then they all had showers.  
  • After showers, the big 3 and Whitman watched a movie while Keaton and Campbell helped me pack a few things.  I have so much food that I have put back and not nearly enough room for all of it.  Obviously, we can buy things but I sure like to have a stockpile with me.  But I am not too worried since I really think I am going to get it all in-master packer that I am!  
  • Robby finally made it home from a work and then a meeting at church.  He saw the kids for a few minutes and then it was bedtime for everyone.  I think the kids were pretty exhausted from the day-I know that I am.