August 25, 2013

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Need a little help here!

  • Whitman woke up again last night at least once-that is my excuse for nodding off during church, worship care, after Sunday lunch and at the pool.  Come to think of it, maybe I need an energy drink or two. 
  • The kids had their Sunday morning doughnuts while watching a movie.  Then it was off to church-not as early this week but there in plenty of time to start passing our candy bars for Reagan's chocolate sleepover birthday party.  It is going to be quite an extravaganza and we have invited 8 girls-yes, you read that right.  Now here's to hoping some can't come!  Ha!  Actually, what's a few more kids?  
  • We also handed out poor Keaton's birthday invitations-well, we only handed out half of them.  I'll hand the others out later this week.  She is only sending out 4 invites-both sets of grandparents, an aunt and an uncle and that is all.  One party will be big and the other small!  
  • After church, we had lunch at Grannymom's house-hamburgers to continue the celebration of Cash's birthday.  After eating, the kids rushed outside to fly Cash's new airplane.   It was made of foam and about 3 feet long so they had a blast.  Surprised those boys didn't think of standing up high on something to throw it-high like on the mailbox, on the van or even on a roof.  Probably in a few years though they will be up on the roof.
  • Next up was swimming-Lilly and Cash were there as well so all the kids stayed busy.  Grannymom kept Keaton and Whitman so they could stay out of the heat.  Even though Keaton knew exactly where we were going from our bathing suits but she was happy as she could be staying at Grannymom's house.
  • After swimming and picking up the littles, we went home for showers and snacks.  This was our last Sunday off before choir and starts back.  And when choir starts back, we will start back to Sunday night church (we just took a summer break).  
  • The kids had a bit of a snack-cookie dough and kix cereal before supper.  Then some kindle and finally a bit of reading time before bed.  Now it is just Robby, me and the tiny insomniac up.  Two of us are patiently waiting on our cookie dough!