August 13, 2013-Happy Birthday Nonna

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  • People, people, people everywhere I went this morning.  The kids were up early and were wild.  We will get to that more in a minute.  I wasn't wide awake yet since Whitman decided to eat about the time that we went to bed last night around 12:30.  So I got up to feed him and maybe play a few games on my kindle.  Then I had to wait to put him back into bed.  If you put Whitman to bed too quickly after he falls asleep he will wake up.  Likewise, if you wait too long then you are in trouble too.  
  • I was in the shower when Robby came to the bathroom and said "w
    e have people cutting hair in here."  That ended my shower.  My 2 brightest children, Graham and Anderson, had cut their hair some.  Of course since they nearly had a buzz cut it was pretty obvious the chunks they had cut out.  So Robby had to quickly cut their hair before he left for work.  After a few lectures, writing sentences, vacuuming and sweeping hopefully they will not repeat this.  But I think the most effective lesson has been us telling everyone what happened to their hair-at least they know enough to be embarrassed about what they did.  
  • And before the hair cutting happened, Graham had voluntarily gone into the school room and started working on his school work.  Anderson and Reagan followed him and they were all working-before breakfast, before being asked.  Once the hair business was over with we had breakfast and then headed back to the school room.
  • School went well and we were even finished before 11 today-and then Graham had a fit that dampened my glow from finishing early.  I made him put on his shoes so I could take him to Acxiom to spend the day there.  That did calm him down enough for me to reason with him.  And later when Campbell was fussing she went to my closet to finish her fussing and Graham was able to see her and see how silly the whole event was-did he learn anything?  Nah, probably not.  But in the grand scheme of things, he fit was short lived and it was after we had finished school so still a good morning.
  • Next up was an early lunch and then we headed to drop Whitman, Keaton and Reagan off at Nonna's house.  The rest of us went to meet with Ms. Hannah-Campbell's new preschool teacher.  We dropped off her school supplies, signed some papers and got the low down of what would be happening.  Campbell will have some Sunday school friends in there so I am sure she will have lots of fun.
  • And next up was Campbell's first dentist appointment.  The boys also had checkups and they went first (nearly had a knock down drag out about who would go first though).  My boys were perfectly still.  Anderson has 22 teeth and good spacing (I hope that means we will not need braces on at least one kiddo).  Graham has 20 teeth, good spacing and his bottom two teeth are ever so slightly loose.  You should have seen Anderson's face when the hygienist said his younger brother had loose teeth and he did not.  
  • Next up was Campbell-she did as well as a 3 year old should do at the dentist.  She was a bit wiggly but I think the lady was able to do what she needed to do.  Campbell did tell me that she didn't want that man looking at her teeth so poor Dr. Jolly didn't get to talk to my Campbell.  She got a thumbs up on her teeth so everyone was able to take home a toothbrush, toothpaste, a toy, sticker and to the delight of my crazy Dennie kids-floss!  They each were give some floss!  I just hope they don't use it to tie each other up!
  • We beat it to Nonna's house to pick up the other 3 and then home to pick up.  I had told the kids that they had to clean the toy room before they could watch a movie.  Before I made it into the house, my two little hair cutters had practically cleaned the whole thing.  So I let everyone watch that movie while I ran around trying to get things ready and make brownies for Nonna's birthday-couldn't do that since I didn't have any eggs!
  • We had pizza with Nonna, Pops and Jason for her birthday.  The kids had made cards and Reagan had made at least 20 cards for Nonna.  We all bought her traditional gifts-Jason gave her coffee and we gave her oxiclean.  The kids played and soon it was pajama time and then back home for bed.
  • Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day around here-we will see Beebee but the first thing I will do is to hide the scissors.