August 7, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • The morning started as usual around here and soon we were eating breakfast.  I quickly ran down the day to everyone and then we started on school.  So far today was the easiest day yet.  I wonder if they knew that today was the day they would get their kindles.
  • We had lunch and then tied up a few loose ends of school.  I can get the kids to do anything if I tell them that we are going to do a science experiment if they work hard....  
  • So today we learned about how our cranium protecting our brain.  Two kids (Reagan and Graham) had their brain (an egg) in a container and the other 2 (Anderson and Campbell) had their brain (an egg) surrounded by their cranium (water) in a container.  Then I sent them running around the house 4 times.  They loved this and Keaton was hot on their tails with her container just filled with water.  They shook those containers and dashed about-I am lucking I don't have brain (egg) all over the walls.  When they finally returned the ones with out craniums opened to find destroyed brains and the others found intact (or mostly intact) brains.  Lesson-our cranium protects our brain and trust me they will not forget that lesson.
  • We emptied the trash cans, cleaned the potties, picked up and then I sent the kids outside for 5 minutes while I worked on loading up the car.  Yesterday while they were outside, Reagan said "we have the best yard in the whole wide world and we have the best mom and dad in the whole world."  Then Anderson piped up with "um, I don't think so."  I asked if there was a better yard and he said "ya'll probably aren't the best mom and dad in the world."  I asked who was better than us and he said they he would ask Jesus one day.  No supper for that boy!
  • After just a few minutes outside I thought I would just honk my car horn and the kids would come running.  I honked but I guess they couldn't hear that.  I toyed with just driving to pick them up but I was too afraid about backing up.  So I walked around and gathered my troops.  
  • At Beebee's the kids were pretty good.  Anderson was a bit wired up but everyone was good. Beebee insisted on giving the kids extra money (three instead of the usual 1 apiece) which involved her getting into her wheelchair and us going to check out some money.  Of course, this meant that everyone would get a chance to push her in her wheelchair.  This delights the kids but terrifies me!  Keaton enjoyed it though because she got to ride in Beebee's lap. And when it was time to go, I asked Keaton if she wanted to stay with Beebee and she nodded her head yes.
  • I was in such a good mood that we even ventured to the library after Beebee's place.  We just have a few weeks before our Wednesdays will be full of Bible study, Beebees, library and church (where do I put in a nap for me in that schedule?)  The kids found a few books and then we were back home.
  • I started cooking supper well after 5 and Robby came home with supper.  So now we have supper for tomorrow as well.  The kids ate up and then we started counting the kindle money.  Robby told the kids that he was having a kindle sale and they just had to donate 40 dollars.  Everyone had that (Campbell only had about 8 more dollars while Graham had about 40 more).  
  • So Robby passed out their new kindles and they started exploring and playing.  The kindles have a child mode so they can only play games or watch movies as long as we set it.  And then they can read books for an unlimited about of time.  They were as happy as they could be sitting there playing and when their 30 minutes was up and it just went to books only, no one complained (I am sure that will change).
  • Keaton was feeling a bit left out, Keaton was getting into everything.  So Robby asked if she wanted to take a shower.  She said no but then we when we said Whitman would join her she was ready.  Campbell wasn't too far behind her.  Everyone eventually had showers. Reagan wanted me to come up to the bonus room to help her.  I tried to remind her that she could do it all by herself but she said she needed me to look for crickets (we sometimes have a few up there) I laughed at her but sure enough there was one that I had to smash.  
  • Soon it was bedtime and the kids were out pretty fast with visions of kindles dancing in their heads!