August 21, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • It was a good night around here last night-everyone stayed in bed until after 7.  Robby was even around when most everyone woke up.  I quickly had my shower and then it was breakfast-chocolate chip waffles.
  • Next up was school.  It was a good day with no fits (Graham), little fussing (Campbell) and Anderson was not the last one to finish (Reagan was today).  In our little second grade history book, I have Reagan and Anderson answer the questions that are at the end of the chapters.  I even make them write the answers down.  And I vividly remember teachers making us write the questions as well as the answers-I am not that mean....yet!  
  • After we finished school, the kids practiced their presentations.  Graham is so excited, Reagan has picked out her outfit already and Anderson pretty much could care less.  Oh, yes and my plan was to leave Campbell out of this month's presentation.  But she was going to have none of that.  Now who knows how she will do tomorrow or if she will even say her presentation (doubtful) but she had to have a sheet of paper like Graham, had to do her presentation on bones like Graham so I just made her a skeleton to show as well.  Here is what we decided for her to say "Bones.  Bones are big.  Bones are little.  God made bones.  I love bones."  I even drew pictures on her paper to help.  This is what I heard her standing on the fireplace later in the day practicing "Bones. God made big bones.  God made little bones. It's time for bed.  I am going to pick a movie first...." And on and on her little presentation went.  Now I will certainly bet that she will not say a thing tomorrow.
  • We had lunch and then everyone helped clean around here.  My goal is to really clean the house before we leave-or maybe not.  Right now we are just maintaining around here.  Hopefully I will have plenty of time for house cleaning next week...oh, I am too funny!
  • Next up was reading science-we read it in a fort in the living room.  The kids listened as well as 3, 5, 6 and 7 year old sitting in a fort listen to someone reading science while holding a squirmy baby.  Then we read a few of our library books-I am on a race to finish all of our library books before we leave for the trip.  
  • Next up was movie time and packing time for me.  One day I will post my packing list and diagram and maybe even a few pictures of the packing madness happening upstairs.  Today I did find 3 places in the van that were unspecified as to what they were going to hold and I shoved in cereal boxes in those spots.
  • Tonight was the sign up for the Wednesday night programs at church-3:16 Live and Sonshine kids.  I wish that had called it all the same thing because now I have to say both names, confuse a few children or just make up my own shorter name to as to where we are going each Wednesday.  
  • When Robby came home we headed to church with a quick stop at the library for me.  We didn't see Beebee today and will see her Friday since they were having a memorial service at her place today.  I didn't think me bringing the kids to a memorial service would be the best of ideas.  
  • At church they had snow cones and the kids ate and played on the playground while they waited for the balloon release.  It was hot outside but we stayed because we certainly didn't want to bring home the balloons tied around each kiddos wrist.  I thought Keaton wouldn't be pleased with letting her balloon go but she just watched them all float away with her big eyes.  
  • Back at home, the kids had a snack and then showers and bed.  Whitman is the only one up-poor thing.  I think he has had fever all day long but has been perfectly happy and hasn't really slept as much as I would have wished.  Might be due to his shots yesterday or his new second tooth that finally appeared today.