August 9, 2013

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  • The kids were up early this morning so we had ourselves breakfast and then started our morning.  My main goal this morning was to pull school out for the next 2 weeks.  We didn't have school today since we had already finished 4 days this week.  
  • Before I could get to my task, Graham wanted to paint his soccer ball from his birthday and the little girls and then Reagan played with play doh.  It seemed to take all morning but I did finish Reagan's school-well, it actually did take all morning.
  • I had to start scurrying around getting everyone ready for family camp at Camp Paron for the first and second graders and their families.  We first had to pick up Anderson who spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa.  He had a great time-building, have a snow cone, playing the ipad and getting lots of attention.  Anderson did get a little perturbed at me when I asked him to change shirts for the day (later, I hope that he was happy about this because that shirt was clean and waiting in the car for him to wear)
  • The drive to the camp was beautiful.  I told Robby that I know we would never make it to California on roads like that but I would love it.  Even though he also enjoyed the drive, he didn't agree on taking those roads to California.  
  • When we arrived at the camp, it was lunch time and we had ourselves a huge helping of spaghetti, bread and a cookie.  The boys and Campbell even asked for another cookie and received one.  I thought the lunch was really good but I was pretty hungry.  
  • Then we took a walk around the camp and then it was time for worship.  I guess it was "worship"-there was some singing (dare I sound like my mother but it wasn't really my type of music-ha!), a skit, games and then a short devotion.  
  • Let's start with the music.  It was indeed loud but the kids enjoyed it.  The staffer who was sitting near us held Keaton while they danced in the aisle and soon Graham was out there with another staffer as well.  
  • The skit was a girl acting like her space ship had crashed.  Now my Campbell was a bit unnerved from the loud music and then hearing the loud noises from the skit-she was near panic.  She looked at me in a terrified voice and asked "is this a rocket ship?"  I laughed and said that it wasn't.  Then I started looking around and saw that it did look a bit like a rocket ship with a round vaulted ceiling.  She did finally calm down and enjoyed the rest of the skit.
  • Then it was game time during the service and not one, not two, not even three but four Dennies at different times were called up on the stage to participate in the games.  Graham was the first one and he held a bucket while his other team member tossed something into it, Anderson was next and he had to throw and catch a ball, Reagan had to unwind a roll of streamers with only one hand and Campbell was playing a type of hot potato.  
  • Next up was the devotional and I was very, very impressed with the speaker (college kid). He kept the kids attention and had a great lesson.  
  • The next thing was Bible study for the kids-we shipped off the big 4 and they all went (Robby had to walk Campbell but she stayed and acted like she had fun).  During the kids Bible study, Robby walked Keaton and Whitman around outside while I listened about what was coming up next (game time) and while the adults learned their cheer (yep, seriously).
  • So next it was game time.  They call it OMC (organized mass chaos) and that is what it was. There were numbered flags around a huge circle and each spot had a bucket of task cards.  The kids had to grab a task card, complete it, place it in their teams bucket to be counted and then grab another card over and over until time was called.  The team with the most completed task cards won.  Tasks were things like "run around the circle waving your arms yelling 'I am an airplane!' and get a new card from #7" or "smash a water balloon on someone's head and get a new card from #2."  
  • Of course my boys were all into this.  We tried to get Campbell to do it but she was overwhelmed (there were plenty of helpful staffers and parents but it was too much for her). Keaton wanted nothing to do with the chaos and Whitman slept.  Now Reagan did enjoy the games but since the shaving cream was flowing freely, she kept running to me asking me to get it off of her.  Oh, Robby and I you ask?  Well I kept Keaton close to me and was able to thwart off most of the shaving cream and Robby kept his camera close to his chest to it was quickly seen.  
  • Getting messy is fun when you are close to your shower not about to ride 30 minutes home! ha!  Thankfully, Anderson had his laundry from Grannymom's house in the car so I took off the boys shirts and tried to get the shaving cream out of their hair and they put on Anderson's shirts.  Reagan wasn't as bad but her shirt was wet so we found her Anderson's pajama shirt to wear.  They were pretty hot but after a juice box and some goldfish we were good to go. And as we got near home, Robby even bought all the kids their own icees.  Big day around the Dennie house.
  • Back at home, it was shower time and the kids watched some movies before supper.  Next up, Keaton, Graham and Robby ran to a few stores while Reagan and Anderson played on their kindles and Whitman ate and slept.  Now, Campbell talked and talked and talked to me.  I was trying to hurry and finish my school stuff and finally had to ask her to stop talking-so that little thing started singing.  I was too tickled to make her be quiet.  Just will need to remember ear plugs on my birthday list!
  • Graham enjoyed shopping with Robby because he cashed in on one of his school rewards and bought a box of candy.  Maybe he can eat his candy tomorrow while the others are playing their kindles since he can't play his until Monday.  That might ease his heartache. After a quick snack for all, it was bedtime and they were wound up but I guess everyone eventually went to sleep!