August 3, 2013

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  • The angels were singing this morning when all the big people and all the little people were still sleeping at 9 this morning around here.  9!  That is crazy talk and I had to do a double take at the clock when I looked at it.  Now Whitman did have to have a bottle sometime in the early morning but it was fine by me if that meant sleeping until 9.  Now I am just crossing my fingers that we don't sleep that long tomorrow!
  • We even let the kids watch a movie-a real hour long movie this morning.  Sometime during this time the kids started asking if it was a school day and then asked if Robby had left yet.  I told them no to both but they never thought to look for him again.  He was outside working away-I tell you the lot next to ours will look so incredibly nice when someone buys it and parks their trailer on it.  
  • The kids and I picked up the house, got ready and cut into our jello model of a cell.  It just looked pretty nasty to me but the kids would have eaten it if I would have let them but I had made other jello without stuff inside of it for them to eat.
  • Around noon, we dropped the kids off at Grannymom's house and Robby and I ran out to eat and then did a bit of shopping.  As we were loading up the car, Campbell told Robby that the toy room was going to be closed.  Not knowing that she was getting herself and the others into trouble, she was questioned more and soon Anderson was the one in the hot seat.  He, the one sitting closest to us, knew that he had done something wrong-apparently he (and others) told Grandpa "no" when he told them to pick up.  
  • So this won the big 4 a trip to their rooms for the rest of the afternoon...and Robby gave them one of the worst punishments of all: only water to drink tonight for supper.  Gasp!!  Seriously, they were heartbroken while I was a bit tickled with Robby's creative punishment.
  • At supper, the Wilson's came over and we had bbq.  Then we played a game of spades while the kids played a few games and then watched a movie.  By the end of the evening, I had 4 kids sleeping so that made it a pretty good evening.